Wild teddy bear went to the residents of Ufa

The incident occurred in the Shaksha area. October 22 late at night rescuers received information from eyewitnesses about the bear, which runs along Vysokovoltnaya street between houses 16–20.

Rescuers and police went to the indicated address. When employees the ministry of nature came to the place, the wild animal had already managed to escape to forest. According to the data provided, none of the residents of the district Suffered.

Rescuers warned citizens that when meeting with a wild animal you can’t panic, and even more so react aggressively – the beast can get scared and attack. It is forbidden to take pictures on the background any wild animal and take a selfie. You need to leave quietly and without sudden movements. When a dangerous encounter has passed, you must report the incident to the police or the Ministry of Emergencies.

How the bear ended up in the housing estate is not specified.

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