Why is the dog howling?

One of the reasons for this behavior of your dog lies in its temperament and some mental features. Many choleric dogs, for example, at a time when their owners absent, may even be quite anxious sometimes causeless. With such anxiety, they begin to whine or howl and when this may well fall into a real hysteria. Also with in this they can still howl and drawl. When the master returns, then the dog begins to rejoice and sometimes it happens very emotionally, while your pet may even urinate.

Those dogs whose nervous system is not so “tender”, but more strong and, if their temperament is more balanced, generally howl very seldom.

Dog howl may well be associated with its long loneliness. When in the morning you will walk with a dog, then give her more loads, leave her toys, or some your personal thing, for example, is just the same glove.

The moon phase is one of the moments that exerts enough a serious impact on many animals, and dogs are right here and relate. When the full moon happens, many pets usually behave quite restlessly. Dogs in such periods can howl or whine, plus they sleep wrong hard.

Why is the dog howling?

When a dog howls, it can be considered as a certain the output of energy that has accumulated in your pet. But here, when the dog at night is quite long and howls for a long time, it is always (yes, probably all) causes a certain fear. That’s how the dog shows that she is very sad. Here is such a dog howl or even cry can often be heard in dog shelters.

When a dog sits on your chain, it usually howls, just from boredom, because she doesn’t even have the opportunity to frolic and run, and it is constantly imprisoned in a certain perimeter or in its the booth.

Often such a howl occurs when it is cold outside, because in this the owner is less likely to be in the yard and devote to the animal completely little time, only occasionally, going out to feed him. So the dog is very spends a lot of time just being at her post.

Why is the dog howling?

But, if your dog is raised, loved enough by his the owner, does not get sick and your attention is also not deprived, then she howl never will even if you keep it on the chain.

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