Why is my cat scratched when I her ironing?

Why is my cat scratching when I pet it? Can say It’s for sure that the reason for this cat’s behavior is a mystery. Minute stroking your cat gives him a lot of pleasure, he, literally, he feels himself in the seventh heaven with happiness. Nonetheless, in a few minutes, the cat may scratch you or even bite you hand. You are not alone in suffering from this. Many home owners animals call this cat behavior completely normal. So called love for bites, acquired its name – contact induced aggression, the cause of which is still not quite understandable. As a rule, a friendly cat is always waiting for attention person. Cat owners describe animal behavior as a sharp transition from affection to wildness. Despite the controversial an understanding of such a strange cat behavior was nevertheless suggested several probable reasons for it. First cause of manifestation induced aggression may be the cat’s desire to control the situation. Also, this behavior may cause certain neurological factors that are activated while you pet your cat. Cats are thin enough animals. They try to show people how miserable they are. So maybe this behavior due to the desire of the animal to show a sudden unfortunate state. The good news is that regardless the reasons for this strange behavior, it is caused by a completely different that you cannot find a common language with the animal. This behavior may even be caused by the cat trying to warn you that that your caresses are already a little tired of her.

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