Why does a dog eat cat excrement

No matter how disgusting it is for people, it’s pretty common in dogs, there is feline excrement. Such behavior, also known as coprophagy, can occur in different ways. reasons, but it is not healthy for your pet.

Why does a dog eat cat excrement

Health problems

Show your dog to the vet. Addiction to feces may be caused by problems with the intestines or pancreas. Many medications can also be the cause of this. FROM on the other hand, some medications can help the dog if coprophagy is caused by serious concern. Even if your vet will not find any health problems, your dog may will be infected with parasites such as coccidia, lamblia, round worms that can be caused by cat excrement.


Eating feces of cats and other animals may be hereditary, or even genetically programmed behavior. Wild dogs such as coyotes and wolves sometimes dig in feces, if they cannot find or catch prey. So they can actually get some essential vitamins. Access to cat excrement can reveal a similar instinct in your dogs even if she gets balanced and nutritious a diet. In addition, in both domestic and wild dogs, the mother licks her children to stimulate the bladder and intestines. Then she eats waste to keep the environment clean. Copying behavior mothers, some puppies may also practice coprophagy.

Other reasons

Your dog may just like the taste of cat feces. She may also be anxious, bored, or trying to attract your Attention. If you put the toilet tray in the public domain, then your pet may become intrigued by its smell. Dog, Of course, it can also be hungry. However, it is possible that you you never know the exact reason why she eats feline feces.

How to fix the behavior

The easiest way to avoid this behavior is to remove cat tray. Place the tray where the dog cannot get there, or try a closed tray. Some pet stores sell special substances that make feces taste disgusting even for your dog. Spraying tray special products such as cayenne pepper can also hold back the dog. Make sure she obeys the team “stand” so you can use it if necessary. what whatever you do, don’t punish her for coprophagy, it could be stress for her, which can actually make behavior even worse.

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