Why do children read to dogs: starts in Yakutsk unusual project

The original project “Children read to dogs” managed to go through many regions of Russia and to recommend themselves well. Now he moving to Yakutsk. The first pilot events have already taken place in Gaidar City Library.

The idea belongs to zoopsychologists and canist therapists from White Bim animal welfare fund, it’s simple and effective. Organizers and their four-legged pets meet kids in social or educational institutions. For the role grateful listeners take not just anyone, but only on purpose trained, cute and very friendly dogs. That’s them kids read their favorite books.

The boy reads to the dog

Reading takes place in a friendly, informal setting.

Sincere and confidential contact, which is coming soon established between the child and the animal, works wonders. Such communication helps the little person to relax and feel yourself much more confident to get rid of many phobias, including from fear of dogs.

The project “Children read to dogs” received well-deserved recognition and victory in the presidential grants fund competition – amount won amounted to about half a million rubles.

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