Why do cats like bags and boxes?

The behavior of your beloved purr is not always clear to them owners, but it can be explained by cat instincts. For example, to understand why cats like boxes and bags look closely at the behavior of the pet. By the way the animal behaves at the same time, you can judge the goals of purrs at that moment.


  • 1 Why cats are attracted to boxes
  • 2 Why do cats like packages?
  • 3 How to use it

Than cats attract boxes

cat in a box

Cats feel more secure in closed spaces

Associated with a box on a cat at a subconscious level the place she needs for games, hunting or shelter from possible threat. Cardboard cache helps satisfy physiological needs for protection or removal stress.

For a cat, the box is:

  • Safe place. Usually, kittens are left with the baby after delivery mother in a box, so the animal’s genetic memory Describes this place as the safest. Naturally in stressful situation, the cat prefers to hide in such hiding place.
  • Shelter ambush. Cats are playful hunters, therefore cardboard capacity is perceived by them as a certain shelter in which they may lie in wait for prey. Sometimes a welcome “trophy” is perceived leg or arm of the owner.
  • Interesting sounds. Purrs can be stressed, so the box becomes a place to remove the accumulated emotional load. Especially in this situation, shelter, which breaks well and rustles.

Cats do not know how to resolve conflicts and prefer just to leave. from problems, and even better – to completely avoid them or … hide in a box.

Why do cats like packages?

cat in the package

Packages and travel bags can be interesting to cats because have a smell – like street food

The noisy bag is perceived by the animal in the same way as the box, only looks even more attractive thanks to published sounds. By rustling, the cat can remind the owner of the need for food or cleaning the toilet tray. The rustling is sometimes just a way of communicating an animal with the owner.

How to use it

cat in a box

Limited space makes the cat take a pose, which helps keep her warm

Pet attachment to boxes and packages can be used to transport a naughty pet to the desired location or for fixing purrs when weighing if the animal does not want stand on the scales yourself.

So, a cardboard shelter for a cat is not only a place of leisure, but also a way to convey your wishes to a person. Therefore not worth it angry if the furry pet chose this particular object for their games.

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