Why can’t cats be given milk?

Generally speaking, cats should not be given milk! After kittens unlearned from breast milk, most of them become intolerant of lactose (sugar, which is part of milk). This is because cats lose their ability to produce a sufficient amount of an enzyme such as lactase, which necessary for milk to be absorbed. lactose in cats is due to the fact that the animal’s body, due to lack of lactase, unable to break down milk into simple sugars, which should subsequently be absorbed into the blood. Instead of this, non-digested substances remain in the digestive system animal. As a result, the bacteria in the body cause fermentation of non-processed products, which, in turn, leads to increased gas formation, bloating and diarrhea. kittens certainly need milk. This is a must a condition for the survival and normal development of kittens. Process excommunication from breastfeeding, which means milk, usually begins in the fourth week of life. Before this period, milk is the main nutrition of young animals. In this case, remember that people don’t feed a baby with a cow milk! The situation is similar with cats. Kittens will be useful eat exclusively breast milk. There are times when for some reason the kitten is deprived of a mother or maternal milk, and to find a feeding cat is not possible. In such case food for the little cat should be developed by the veterinarian. Do not try to replace special foods with regular ones. cow’s milk! Such milk is designed for feeding. calf, and the needs of the calf and kitten are fundamentally different! Do cats tolerate lactose? Not all cats can tolerate lactose. There is only one way to find out if your pet lactose intolerance – give a little milk and then produce monitoring the health of the animal. In most cases cats have diarrhea. If no negative consequences happened, then without fear you can sometimes please a cat with this a treat that should not be a daily meal. If you want giving the cat milk is the best and safest option is the purchase of special lactose-free milk. Buy it at the supermarket or at the pet store. Remember that if you feed your pet with special feeds, the need for there is no milk! After all, feed contains all the necessary set nutrients. In addition, milk contains a large amount calories that the cat already receives along with the main food, with This milk does not contain water. There is a danger of such a disease as obesity. This is why you should always keep an eye on so that the animal in the drinker constantly has fresh water, especially after taking milk.

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