Why a cat cannot be looked into the eyes

The fact that in communication people prefer maintain direct eye-to-eye contact. So way, we see and feel the openness and friendliness of our the interlocutor. However, with cats it is not so simple. Visual contact, which in people is seen as friendliness, these animals can be seen as a direct threat. That’s why the cat you can not look in the eyes! All this is due to nothing more than natural instinct. The fact is that cats are very shy. If the animal will have the impression that they are being watched, then such the manifestation can be rated by the cat as a threat. Direct visual Contact can frighten the pet and cause him discomfort. That is why, very often cats, resolving conflict situations with their relatives, gazed intently into each other’s eyes. Knowing this, you can easily stop the fight between two cats. Sometimes for this it is enough to cut off the visual between animals contact. True, it is necessary to do this with a foreign object, such as a tray or blanket. This is the attitude of cats to visual contact largely explains their behavior with strangers. Remember, when acquaintances or friends come to you, they try attract the attention of a cat, call her and gaze into her eyes. At the same time, this behavior of people scares your little friend. is he sees the threat of staring outsiders people. Most likely, in this situation, the cat will leave the room or just go to the person who showed no to her attention. This is due to the fact that in such a person the animal does not saw no threat, because he did not look into her eyes! Now you can you explain to your friends something so strange in terms of обывателя, поведение кошки.Cat's eyesСтоит заметить, что не каждый зрительный контактCat is perceived as a threat. Some play with cats kissing them and winking, while they also look in the eyes. In such situations a pet often behaves calmly, not showing the slightest sign of concern. The whole reason for this differences in eye contact behavior are that winking, eye contact is constantly interrupted. Such contact with the help of eyes the cat perceives positively, the animal realizes that a person does not pose a threat to her. In such situations, the animal may lick a person and calmly wink at him eyes. There are many cases where cat owners complain that their animals do not react to caresses and kisses, while animals try to avoid such manifestations of attention. In such situations it is safe to say that it’s not that the cat dislikes his master, but that such eye contact she doesn’t like it, it causes her discomfort, perhaps even fear. Sometimes cats focus their eyes on some subjects. We can often watch the animal stare at a toy or a bowl of food. This behavior is not related to the fact that the animal is trying to express distrust or aggression towards a certain subject. This is due to the physiological factor, namely peripheral vision of a cat, i.e. focusing the animal’s attention on one specific subject. Talking about the eyes of a cat, you can with to assert with confidence that the view conveys only one part of the general the state of the animal. Need to take into account the fact that the pupils an animal can also tell a lot. For example, advanced pupils are often a sign of fear. However, often we can observe the cat’s dilated pupils when it’s completely calm. The reason for this may simply be a stay animal in a dark room. As you can see, the eyes of a cat can convey its various sensations. In this case, it’s not worth judging only by the eyes, but by the general behavior of the cat, and for this You need to know your body language well.

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