Who needed to destroy the dovecote?

The prosecutor’s office of St. Petersburg is investigating the destruction of the dovecote on Asafiev Street. Based on verification results a procedural decision will be put forward.

The case of the destruction of the dovecote, which was built another 30 years ago, except as killing, can not be called.

On Friday, October 19, in broad daylight, unknown persons broke to smithereens dovecote with rare birds. Locals posted in A network of crime scene photos. According to them, out of thirty-four only eighteen pigeons survived. The chicks were thrown right at the ground.

dovecote on Asafiev

Source: https://360tv.ru/news

One of the girls posted a post on her page in social networks, in which refers to helpless birds caught in a net. BUT she also mentions caring people who came to the rescue stuck pigeons. The girl urged everyone to pack up and restore house for rare birds.

Initially, there was a version that the owner of the dovecote did not have official documents. But as it turned out, its existence is fully official and legally.

Residents of the area are worried about the future of surviving birds. Pigeons don’t adapted for independent living on the street, especially in winter period. In addition, homeless cats will not miss the opportunity enjoy easy prey.

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