Who became the prototype of Simba from the “Lion King”: photo and video

A remake of the famous cartoon “The Lion King” breaks records for number of views. But not all viewers know that to create computer graphics combined with real frames animals.

The central character of the picture, Simba the lion cub, also has real prototype. This is Bahati from the Dallas Zoo, USA. Interestingly, unlike Simba, she is a girl.

Lion cub from the Dallas Zoo

Lions live about 12–16 years in the wild and up to 25 years in zoos

When work on the animation tape just started, employees the zoo sent a video to a Disney studio with a beautiful baby. Apparently, a charming young lioness was appreciated there, because in the end Simba It turned out very similar to her.


Bahati was only a month old when she was filmed

The video with the lion girl hit the Net and now everyone can appreciate the resemblance to the character of the film and just admire monthly Bahati.

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