Which dogs are best to breed for sale: top 5 rocks with photo

Dog breeding with the right approach to business – profitable business. It is important to know which dogs are best bred for sale.

It is necessary to determine the circle of potential buyers. Considering them needs to choose a breed of dog.

Four dogs are running


  • Sizes. Small dogs will be taken to keep indoors, and large ones will be taken by owners of private houses, security agencies, etc. d.
  • Learnability.
  • Sociability, friendliness.
  • Does the breed differ in good health.
  • The amount of food consumed (high-quality feed is not cheap).
  • Market price.

It makes no sense to engage in cheap breeds – the profit will be little one. Better to choose expensive pets that use market demand. The following are 5 breeds whose breeding today is the most profitable.


  • 1 Siberian Husky
  • 2 German shepherd
  • 3 Labrador
  • 4 American Cocker Spaniel
  • 5 American Eskimo Spitz

Siberian Husky

The price of puppies is from 15 000 r.

Husky Puppy

Husky is agile, energetic, loves walking. She is sociable good-natured, easily makes contact with the whole family.

If you want to know more about this breed, we advise you to read articlehttps: //kot-pes.com/xaski-foto-svobodolyubivaya-i-nezavisimaya-ezdovaya-sobaka/

Siberian Husky

German Shepherd

A puppy costs from 15 000 r.

Three puppies of a German shepherd

It gets along well with both adults and children. Smart, quick-witted, quickly learns commands. Will be beautiful the watchman and protector.

Read more about caring for German Shepherd puppies articlehttps: //kot-pes.com/shhenki-nemeckoj-ovcharki-foto-kak-vybrat-chem-kormit-kogda-privivat/

German Shepherd


Puppies cost from 15 000 r.

Labrador puppy

The Labrador has a good-natured, flexible, calm character. it unusually loyal dog. Labrador is often taken as nannies for babies or a guide for a blind person.

Read more about Labradors: https: //kot-pes.com/labrador-retriver-foto/


American cocker spaniel

The cost of puppies – from 20 000 r.


Sociable, playful, quick-witted dog. American cocker Spaniel is good-natured, gets along with all family members.

Two American Cocker Spaniels

American Eskimo Spitz

A puppy will cost in the amount of 15 000 p. up to 35 000 p.

Puppy American Eskimo Spitz

Spitz is sociable, good-natured, love attention. They are faithful and devotees are easy to train.

American Eskimo Spitz - a dog that is profitable to breed for sale

Small breeds can be bred at home, but large breeds – for the city.

With skillful business management, the business will begin to pay off in a half to two years, not earlier. Profitability can reach 50%.

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