Which breeds of dogs are the most stubborn?

Most dogs are stubborn for the same reasons as humans. Some of them are simply born stubborn and masterful, some are born leaders and have corresponding temper, and some simply do not know how to behave. However with patience and with proper training, even the most stubborn dog can become indispensable friend and protector.

Which breeds of dogs are the most stubborn?

Stubborn rocks

Some breeds are harder to train than others. Some of these breeds can grow aggressive if not trained properly. Among the small breeds are dachshunds, chihuahua, pug and dwarf pincher – considered one of the most stubborn. All kinds Terriers, from Parson to Bull Terriers, have a well-known stubborn character. Among larger breeds, relatively rebellious working and protective breeds such as boarders Collie, Rottweiler, Doberman, Newfoundland and Golden Retriever.

Perhaps this is not stubbornness

Your dog may not be stubborn, sometimes she may just feel that she has no good reason to do what you mean ask for. Ask yourself what is the benefit for the dog to commit any action, and give her something that she can appreciate. For example, all terriers were bred for hunting, not for entertainment. So if you want to play with him just give him a reason to return the ball to you.


Some dogs were bred to perform certain tasks. without human intervention and therefore need little praise from the owner. For example, hunting or herding dogs could not to do their job if they expected attention from people. In this the group, in addition to terriers, also gets the majority of huskies and spaniels. Always consider for what purpose your breed.

There are other reasons.

Some dogs, such as shepherds, are especially sensitive to the emotions of his master. Your mood can greatly affect your pet’s behavior and make learning difficult. More he upsets you, the more he upsets himself. Besides, often dominant behavior in some dogs can be caused external factors, such as annoying behavior of others. Or a dog as it grows older can just sometimes marry framework “as children do.

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