Where to leave the dog for a while?

Many owners say that they will never leave the dog in nursery or hotel. However, situations may arise in which you cannot take the dog with you. Then you have following options:

Where to leave the dog for a while?

  • The dog stays at home and you arrange for a friend to come or relative so they sit with her while you are long away.
  • You give the dog to a friend or neighbor to care for her in my house. This is a good option, provided that the dog knows people with whom she has to live. However, there is always a risk that the dog can run away and get lost in an unfamiliar area.
  • You give your dog to a kennel or hotel. What is it like generally the safest option since all nurseries and Hotels are built quite reliably and safely. Many similar institutions are associated with veterinary clinics and staffed qualified home care professionals pets.

Why will the dog be happy in the kennel or hotel?

Many dogs are very happy when they stay in kennels and even look forward to a return visit. You should advance plan and visit the nursery to make sure that he meets your expectations.

How to find out that the dog will be relaxed in the kennel?

Despite owners fears, most dogs settle in the nursery very quickly.

You can go with your pet to the nursery in advance short time, for example on weekends or a few days before Check out to see how he will behave before leave it for a long time. One or two short visits kennel will help your dog to tune and get used to to staff. Watch your dog inside the kennel so you You can evaluate its general condition. Do not forget to ask employees about the behavior and change in your dog’s appetite, after of how you come back. Many pets lose some appetite and drink less water until finally get used to local environment.

How to find a suitable nursery?

Most nurseries distribute their ads in yellow pages and on the Internet. Ask friends, acquaintances, or staff at your veterinary clinic – this will be the best source information.

How to find a nursery in the right area?

Follow the same procedure as above and also Browse your local telephone directory and local veterinary clinics. In your veterinary clinic should give you the phones of all the nearest nurseries.

Are there any requirements needed before boarding animal to the nursery?

All pets left in the kennel must to be vaccinated. Most of these institutions require written confirmation of vaccination.

You should also discuss all specific medical problems and dietary requirements with nursery staff. Not forget to leave veterinary care contacts and your veterinarian Responsible for your animal staff.

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