What to do if York bites

If this behavior is not controllable, then it can get out of control. Both the puppy and the older Yorkshire Terrier should be taught that you can bite and bite, and what not.

What to do if York bites

There is a huge difference between biting due to aggression and biting in the context of defense or cutting teeth. Dog usually bites when:

  • Experiencing pain
  • Fears
  • Feels the need to defend himself or his territory
  • Out of habit

Possible health problems

A dog may bite if its teeth begin to cut or she suddenly had a certain medical problem. Although some diseases may be obvious, many of them may remain invisible. Therefore, if york demonstrates abnormal behavior and regular bites are not part of it nature, it is necessary to identify the reasons that led to this measuring behavior.

When a well-balanced dog begins to bite, it can because she is in pain. This is an ordinary protective mechanism, when she feels that she is not healthy, she can feel vulnerable. And this, in turn, can lead to aggression on attitude to anyone who approaches her.

If the puppy or dog is in severe pain, then he or she can take even the most loving host as a threat. By this reason, if the bites occurred completely unexpectedly, then the dog should be taken to a full veterinary examination.

Matter of habit

Puppies begin to bite from a very young age. Innocently York-looking can grow into an unpredictable biting dog, if his habit of biting is not corrected on time.

It is easiest to wean a puppy’s Yorkie from biting through training. Every time your York bites you, put your hand away and firmly and say out loud “No” or “Oops!”. Your actions and tone of voice tell the dog that biting is unacceptable. Note your tone should imply that you are in pain.

It will be like a puppy biting its siblings in the litter. When puppies are together, you can often hear squeals of one or the other puppy, thereby they say friend to a friend that he or she bit too hard. For puppies who have teeth are cut, you should provide some chewing toys.

If the dog is already more mature and her teeth erupted, after bite you should ignore it for at least 5 minutes. Just don’t look, don’t touch or talk to your dog, she already received your main message “No!”. After 5 minutes you can continue to practice or play with york.

Every time the games go well and without bites, reward Your pet’s praise or treat. Over time your dog will know that any bites are unacceptable behavior. Not less bites can howl caused by various behavioral or physical problems that may be difficult to understand and which should be examined by an experienced professional such as behavioral veterinarian.

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