What to do if the cat has hair and bald spots form

Owners of cats often find that their pet begins to lose hair much more intensively than with normal molting. The cat has bald patches, the owners panic. Reasons the occurrence of alopecia in animals can be many.


  • 1 Main causes of receding hairline
  • 2 What you can do yourself
  • 3 When to contact a specialist

The main causes of the receding hairline

cat baldness

Hair loss can be a consequence of seborrhea – pathology, with which disrupts the sebaceous glands

First, do not confuse baldness with intense molting. In addition to changing the coat twice a year, the animal can start losing hair due to stress, frequent washing, or just with by age. In this case, the loss occurs evenly, without appearing receding hairline.

Vast areas should alert the owners of which there is no hair, the skin turned red, small sores, peeling. As a rule, bald patches appear on back, neck, behind the ears or on the tail.

Causes of baldness that signal serious violations in the work of the pet’s body:

  • Allergy is the most harmless reason. In the role allergens can be animal proteins, some meats and cereals. It is worth paying attention to a change in the diet of a pet. Exactly it could trigger the onset of allergies and baldness. Required it is necessary to examine the animal for parasites – fleas also may cause an allergic reaction.
  • Infectious, fungal or parasitic diseases. Some types of fungal infections, such as ringworm is also dangerous to humans.
  • Nerve stress and shock. In this case alopecia is mainly manifested on the limbs or abdomen.
  • Hormonal disbalance. May be the result disorders of the pancreas, thyroid gland or adrenal glands.

Bald patches may appear locally at the sites of tumors, after injection of drugs.

What can you do yourself

bald cat

Lice mites can provoke hair loss in cats.

The treatment of alopecia requires specialist supervision and It is selected individually for each animal. First it’s the turn of the owners themselves to exclude allergy factors, by analyzing a change in your pet’s diet recently or the appearance in the house of new smells, plants or objects, as well as inspect the cat for fleas or other parasites.

When to contact a specialist

cat at the doctor

A bald spot in a kitten may appear due to the fact that during during pregnancy, his mother received less essential minerals and vitamins

If the transfer to hypoallergenic food does not help, you should contact for qualified help.

The doctor will conduct a blood test for biochemistry and hormones, take scrapings on various parasites and prescribe adequate treatment.

The bald spots on the fur of your favorite pet not only spoil it appearance, but can also indicate serious problems with health. Timely measures taken will help to avoid deplorable consequences.

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