What to do if an animal is lost?

For most pet owners, lose their pet is one of the worst nightmares. Regardless of, what precautions do you take, accidents happen, and often they do not happen at all through the fault of the owners. The main reasons for the loss are usually your guests or children who forgot to close doors or gates, or your pet was stolen. Animal theft is also becoming common a phenomenon especially if you contain tribal or exotic pets. Most likely to be reunited with the owners chipped animals. This allows you to identify your pet if he got lost, but can help if he was stolen, however, it may take several months or even years when the animal will go to the vet.

What to do if an animal is lost?

If the worst happened, and your pet really disappeared, then the first thing to do is call your local clinics and shelters for pets, and also get around all possible places where I could he could be, and leave his contact details there. If you you know the approximate area where the pet can still be, you can go around the houses and apartments of local residents, asking them about any information useful for searching. With cats, for example, it often happens that they themselves fall into a trap – in a garage neighbors or in any utility room, in view of their curiosity, and can’t get out of there, so be sure to ask your neighbors to check their homes, constantly calling, when this, a pet by his name.

The next thing you need to do is set a reward. Many owners do not dare to do this before they start full-blown search, thinking that this is a matter of several hours, but this time has the greatest value and it’s better not to waste it. The remuneration should depend on the circumstances and may be on 500-1000 rubles and above, higher rewards will attract an increasing number of people. The more people will be aware, the Find your pet faster. Modern home owners animals are also more fortunate that technology development is not worth it on the spot and you, thanks to the internet, have almost instant access to thousands and millions of people so try using various social networks, such as Vkontakte, Facebook and Twitter. Include detailed ads information where the animal disappeared and under what circumstances, attach photos to it, and also, do not forget about reward. Your friends and acquaintances will definitely share and distribute your ads. If it’s a dog or a cat, don’t also forget to add information about her in the database of lost animals. By disseminating this information, you will most likely receive a few calls where people will claim to have found your pet, and, in the pursuit of reward, will try to fool you. It’s important that you are prepared for this, and in no case part with the money until you personally get a pet.

Using posters can also be useful. tool in finding a missing pet. You can draw yourself design and print posters, or you can use special sites for this (for an additional fee). Do it as you can faster by pasting them throughout the search area. Poster should contain a photo of the animal, your contact details, location loss and any reward. In the future, you can replace old posters on the new laminated, because of the weather old ones can go bad quickly.

Losing a pet is always a busy period for the owner, which is very easy to get involved in various unnecessary ideas that, as a rule, lead to nothing. Exists many psychics to find lost pets that guarantee to find the animal simply by photograph. Unfortunately, such services most often end simply with a loss of time and money. If you still have money for it, and you feel that worth a try, then this is your choice, but it is important that you do not climb in debt or in financial difficulties, because without that you are already are in a stressful situation.

In conclusion, it is absolutely necessary to take action immediately, immediately, as soon as the animal is gone. It is often happens to cats when they go away for a few days and then come as if nothing had happened. With dogs it’s completely different it’s very unusual for a dog to walk alone without a master, therefore, if if someone sees such a dog, then it needs to be taken to a shelter or to appropriate service. Of course, the situation may seem bleak, but this is not unusual for pets when they are a few weeks or even months after disappearance, which is important, is to never lose hope.

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