What kind of dogs do Dontsova

If you happened to read the ironic detectives of Daria Dontsova, surely remember: in some places the “dog” theme slips. But which dogs Dontsova in terms of breed, not all know. IN an ordinary warrior of pulp fiction gravitates towards animals with extremely touching appearance.

Pugs That’s what these round-headed, puffy ones are called fun people. The whole look evokes an irrepressible smile: a wrinkled neck and the naive look of sparkling bead eyes.

Dogs of Daria DontsovaDaria Dontsova on the stairs with pugs

They have dark, almost black muzzles.

Pugs of Daria Dontsova

The body is light, with rare exceptions. Meets completely black color from crown to tip of tail, and such specimens in The “collection” of the writer is also there.

Daria Dontsova with her dogsPugs

By the way, the author of the popular entertaining fiction in the house there is also a collection of pug figurines – so much so not indifferent to this breed.

Daria Dontsova hugs her pugsDaria Dontsova and pugs drink tea

Dogs are allowed everything and even more. They are full members families, masters of position and spoils of the mistress.

Daria Dontsova kisses her pugDaria Dontsova with pugs for a walk

Everywhere they accompany her, without them Daria Dontsova cannot live her life presents. No wonder many representatives of alternative medicine insist: proximity to nature and animals helps maintain good energy and positive attitude. The story of the Don pugs are the best confirmation of this.

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