What is better for dogs – a tray or a diaper

Small dogs do not have to walk every day, and puppies without vaccination, this is generally contraindicated. But what about the toilet? Which is better – a diaper or a tray for dogs?


  • 1 Benefits of Diapers
  • 2 Plus Trays
  • 3 What is better to choose

Diaper Benefits

Puppy on a diaper

Diapers are disposable and reusable

Dog diapers have the following advantages:

  • convenient for training the puppy to the toilet, help protect the sexual coating;
  • You can not only use it at home, but also take it with you to carrying;
  • completely safe to use;
  • absorb odor without giving it spread around the apartment;
  • mold, fungus or other harmful substances will not start on them microorganisms.

To train a dog to go to the toilet in the right place, you need first spread the diapers across the floor of the room in which the pet has access. Then, every week, the amount should be reduced by 1-2 pieces. When one diaper remains, it needs to be moved to the place where you plan to organize the dog’s toilet.

Plus Trays

Dog in the tray

The tray is suitable only for dogs of small breeds and puppies.

The dog tray has the following advantages:

  • It looks more aesthetically pleasing;
  • a large assortment;
  • there are options with a special column that is needed for more familiar coping with the needs of the animal;
  • profitability – the tray lasts quite a while;
  • washing once every few days.

A mock-up tray looks attractive, but often “grass” is made from low-quality material, therefore absorbs an unpleasant odor, and after washing loses its appearance.

Which is better to choose

Puppy in a tray with a diaper

Both options have their advantages. Can provide the choice of the pet and observe where it will be more comfortable for him to walk along their business. Or you can decide on the basis that more convenient for you (dogs are quite easily accustomed to both the diaper and tray).

But the best option is to use a combination of and put a diaper on the bottom of the tray. It will need to be changed once every a day that does not take much time and effort (remove and discard the old and just put a new one). The tray itself can be washed once a week. All the diaper will collect odors.

There are special trays for combination. They are arranged like this so that the diaper is firmly fixed, and low sides to avoid the spread of puddles on the floor.

Both the tray and the diaper are comfortable for dogs and have their own advantages. You can choose what suits you best, or combine both options.

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