What is better for a dog – harness or collar

Dog owners want the best for their pets, but they have many questions. For example, what is best for a dog: collar or harness.


  • 1 Benefits of Harnesses
  • 2 Plus Collars
  • 3 Which is better to choose?

Benefits of Harnesses

dog in harness

The disadvantages of the harness is the dog’s quick addiction to it, further the pet may refuse to wear the usual collar

A harness is a type of harness that consists of belts and straps. She puts on the animal’s chest and used for walking and training. What are she advantages:

  • during sudden movements of a person or a dog, the harness does not injure the animal does not cause suffocation;
  • the animal cannot get out of it and run away, which happens with collars (especially for dogs with a neck and heads are almost the same);
  • harness removes the load from the cervical vertebrae, distributing it to thoracic and humerus;
  • she does not press on the neck, the pet feels much more comfortable and calmer.

Collar Pros

dog in a collar

The collar must have a soft pad on inside of the product in contact with the dog’s neck

The collar is a thong with a fastener and a carbine, on which clings to a leash. He puts the animal on the neck and can be training, pleasure, strict or decorative. Collars have the following advantages:

  • it can not be removed after a walk;
  • most often, collars are made of leather, so they are simple in care and more hygienic than harnesses;
  • full control over the animal is provided, which is especially necessary for large and fighting dogs.

Which is better to choose?

There is no consensus on this. Mostly recommendations the following:

  • a collar is better for a puppy, as the harness can be worn only animals older than 8 months when their spine is already finally formed;
  • for fighting and guard dogs it’s also worth choosing a collar, it helps the owner to better control his pet;
  • for sledding and small dogs due to their physiological Features more suitable harness.

In any case, when choosing an accessory for a dog, you should not based only on your own preferences. Find out better what recommendations experts give for your breed.

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