What dog was presented to Alina Zagitova

Olympic champion in figure skating won the skill of not only compatriots. The girl appeared many fans around the world. And the Japanese presented sportswoman a special surprise – a puppy. Many fans are interested a dog of what breed was presented to Alina Zagitova.

All my life, the skater dreamed of such a pet. He became a dog Akita Inu breed.

Akita Inu puppy

Many people dream of such a four-legged friend. This particular dog breed became the hero of the famous film “Hachiko.”


It is noteworthy that at the solemn presentation of a gift to the athlete attended by the prime minister of japan. The girl became the second a person who is awarded such an honor from the representatives of the Country the rising sun. The first was Vladimir Putin.

Alina Zagitova with the Prime Minister of Japan

Such an unexpected gift was a pleasant surprise for champions.

Alina Zagitova with a dog

Parents promised to fulfill the dream of the athlete upon returning from Pyeongchang. However, Japanese fans were ahead of their own skater. At the ceremony, the athlete showed talents the trainer and jokingly stated that in the future she would put the dog on skates.

Zagitova with Akita Inu

Alina loves animals very much. Cats and chinchillas live in her house. But she devotes most of her time to a new pet.

Zagitova with a pet

His girlfriend called Masaro, which is translated from Japanese means victory.

Alina Zagitova and Masaro

Zagitova tries to devote every free minute four-legged friend. With Masaro, the Olympic champion has already visited Sambo-70 school, of which she is a pupil.

Zagitova at school

Alina Zagitova thanked her Japanese fans and promised, that the pet will be fine in her house. Figure skater surrounded Masaro love and care.

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