What dog is Putin

Many dog breeders are interested in the question, which dogs live with Vladimir Putin. Until recently, he lived in his residence two pets. A little later, the president got another favorite – Alabai, nicknamed Faithful.

What dog is Putin

Dogs are a long-standing weakness of the Russian president. Knowing his love for these four-legged, many politicians puppies were presented to him as a gift.

What a dog from PutinPutin with dogs for a walk

For the longest time the president had his favorite Labrador girl Connie. It was once presented to Putin by Sergey Shoigu. Connie lived with the owner is a long term, but, unfortunately, in 2014 she died from old age.

Putin with a LabradorPutin at a meeting with Merkel

Buffy the Bulgarian Shepherd was presented to Putin during his visit to Bulgaria by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. The president was so glad to present that could not resist and kissed the puppy right on presentation ceremony.

Presentation of the Bulgarian Shepherd Dog to PutinPutin and BuffyPutin with Buffy

The dog of the Akita Inu Yume breed has become a symbolic gift to Vladimir Vladimirovich for help with a natural disaster in Japan in 2012 year.

Putin with Yume

Verny is Putin’s last known dog at the moment. is he became a birthday present from the president of Turkmenistan. Right is a representative of a large breed Alabai.

Presentation to Putin Alabai

Today there is information only about three pets of the president Of Russia. It is possible that Vladimir Vladimirovich appeared favorites, but so far nothing is known about this.

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