What dog is Messi

Lionel Messi is one of the most famous football players in the world. His even those who are far from sports know. Star fans are interested in not only the professional qualities of a football player, but also his personal life, and also what kind of dog Messi has.

The pet appeared at the football star in early 2016. His Lionel was presented with a common-law wife for her birthday. For his she chose a breed of French mastiff lover. Its still called the dogue de Bordeaux.

What dog is Messi

This massive dog reaches a height of 70 cm, and sometimes its weight comes to 80 kg. However, despite their huge size, these pets very mobile.


Messi named his four-legged friend Hulk.

Messi and the Hulk

The footballer was not mistaken with the choice of the nickname. In just a few months pet turned into a real giant.

Messi with his dog

The size of the Hulk is superior to many dogs of this breed. Even in this Lionel was able to become the best.

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Messi and the French Mastiff

Fans of the football star joked that the mastiff is gaining a kilogram for every success of Lionel.


In social networks, frames with the image of a pet often appear.

Messi plays with the Hulk

The Hulk became a friend not only for the football player, but also for his sons.

Hulk in the family of Messi

Lionel is not afraid to leave the giant with the kids alone.

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The Hulk and the Son of Messi

On the subject of Hulk sizes, users come up with numerous jokes and memes. Often a football player’s pet is compared to a dog rival Ronaldo.

Meme about the dogs Messi and Ronaldo

Lionel does not pay attention to the reaction of the public. For a star Football Hulk – is primarily a loyal friend, regardless of his sizes.

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