What dog is Ksenia Borodina

According to Borodina, a grandmother instilled her love for animals with grandfather, whom she visited every summer as a child. However For a long time, Ksenia could not have a pet, although this wanted to. What kind of dogs lived in the TV presenter’s house and what of this come out?

On the project “Dom-2” the TV presenter “fell in love” with the dog Liza breed toy terrier owned by one of the participants.

Toy Terrier

Borodin firmly decided to have her own pets. First became Yorkshire Terriers Spinoza and Strudel.

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Yorkshire Terriers BorodinaKsenia Borodina with YorkBorodina with York

Then a dog named Jump breed was added to them. Jack Russell Terrier.

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Ksenia Borodina with a Jack Russell Terrier

Permanent travel associated with professional activities, forced Ksenia to give Yorkshire terriers to her grandmother. About jack russell terrier no information. Most likely its also someone given away.

In February 2015, the TV presenter started a new doggie as a gift to his daughter Marusa. This is a pet breed Spitz nicknamed Winter. The snow-white handsome instantly became an Instagram star, c joyfully posing for the camera.

Ksenia with her daughter and a dogThe daughter of Ksenia Borodina with a dogThe daughter of Ksenia Borodina with the dog Winter

However, he soon had to abandon the Spitz. The reason was the cat Shanti, with which Winter could not get along.

Borodina with a Shanti catKsenia's daughter with a shanti cat

According to the girl, Winter was presented to close friends.

In June of this 2018, the TV presenter posted on her page on Instagram the information that she has acquired a new friend of the breed cavalier king charles spaniel. The pet was given the name Bertie.


At the moment, Ksenia Borodina has a cat and a dog breed cavalier king charles spaniel. Let’s hope these animals Settled in the host’s house for a long time.

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