What dog is Katya Adushkina

Fans of Katya Adushkina are interested in what kind of dog she has. Numerous photos of a girl with a pet will help to get an answer to this question.

Katya Adushkina is a famous Russian blogger. Girl’s life is under the scrutiny of fans.

Katya Adushkina with a dog

Many are interested in Katie’s pets. On the Internet you can it is easy to find photos and videos in which her pets are present: Happily dog and cat Steve.

Katya with a catAdushkina with a dog

The breed Radusi is a Pomeranian. The animal has orange hair and cute face.

Pomeranian Spitz

Pomeranian Spitz is considered very peaceful, affectionate and sociable animals. This is the best friend for a blogger who will always be company during the shooting and will please the audience with his perky character and funny appearance.

Katya with a Pomeranian Spitz

The pet’s full name is Rada. But the girl often calls her Radusya. This affectionate nickname came out as a derivative of the Rada and Dushi.


None of the viewers know what the blogger’s dad and mom look like, but Rada’s appearance is known to all its fans.

Katya with RaduseyPleased

The dog enjoys communicating with the mistress and photographing.

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