What dog does Patriarch Kirill have

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church is famous not only philanthropy. He feels tender feelings in relation to best friends of people. What kind of dogs live with the Patriarch Cyril?

What dog does Patriarch Kirill have

Knowing the weakness of the clergyman, parishioners of the Orthodox Church happy to give him puppies. The last such gift was little welsh corgi willie.

What dog does Patriarch Kirill have?Welsh

He was handed to the patriarch during his stay in Britain in October 2016, when he met with Queen Elizabeth II. The occasion was the 300th anniversary of the presence in this country. Orthodox church. The breed was not chosen by chance. Exactly welsh corgi earned the title of royal dog in British the islands. Elizabeth II herself contributed to this. fan of miniature shepherds.

Elizabeth II with Welsh Corgi dogs

It is impossible to remain indifferent to representatives of this breed. They have a touching appearance, amazing intelligence, and also a cheerful disposition.


It is worth noting that Patriarch Kirill refused to “cross” dog, leaving him the name Willy.


Not so long ago, Willy had the opportunity to show her playfulness on the whole world. During the breaks of one of the World Cup matches he ran out to football and selflessly chased the official ball games.

As far as we know, Willy now lives in the residence of the Head Russian Church. He repeatedly said that the dog makes him wonderful company in moments of loneliness.


The hobby for dogs appeared in the clergy long before Willie’s appearance. Even before he accepted the rank of patriarch, he There were two Central Asian Shepherd dogs.

Central Asian Shepherd Patriarch Kirill

And in 2011, little visitors to the Christmas holiday, pupils of Orthodox gymnasiums, orphanages and children with disabilities gave the Head of the Russian Church a puppy of a rare breed of Polish Pogalian Shepherd Dog.

Polish Sub-Shepherd Shepherd Patriarch Kirill

The next pet appeared during a visit to Bulgaria. Students University of Cultural Heritage presented him with a Bulgarian puppy shepherd dogs.

Bulgarian Shepherd Puppies

By the way, some clergymen noticed that in Christianity, a dog is considered an unclean animal. However the patriarch Cyril dispelled this error. According to him, there is no Scripture not a single word indicating such an attitude towards the four-legged. On the contrary, he is confident that our lesser brothers help to train the best Christian qualities – love, virtue, patience.

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