What does a pregnant cat dream about?

No wonder you can hear a lot of conflicting gossip about cats. Then these animals are spoken of as loyal affectionate friends. people then reproach them with treachery and coldness even in relation to the owner. Some people are afraid of fire like a black cat, crossing the road. Others seek to have such a pet – black as a coal – at home, expecting the animal to bring good luck. Moreover, mustachioed tailed are considered good meteorologists. So, a cat lying belly up means that heat will come soon. Hides the nose in the wool – to the frost, sneezed – it will rain, calmly and sleeps for a long time – to warm calm weather. And many more give great importance to dreams in which a cat is present. For instance, French dream book reports that a white cat foreshadows in a dream soon disappointment in a close friend. The Assyrian dream book, by contrast, predicts that the dream animal symbolizes luck in business, profit and patronage of reliable people. And sometimes sleeping dreaming of a pregnant cat, that’s about the animal in position and will speech further.

Pregnant cat – is it good?

To better understand why a cat’s pregnancy is dreaming, consider 10 популярных сонников:What a pregnant cat dreams of

  1. Сонник Феломена. This book treats the starring cat in expecting offspring as a symbol of good luck and luck in almost all areas of life: career, relationships, health. Especially happy forecast for young girls who dreamed of a pregnant cat. Young people will certainly meet their chosen one, an alliance with which will be long and friendly. Promises only a good similar dream and those who are depressed from life’s adversities: lack of money, fraud partners on business. Unlucky people after sleeping about a cat with kittens in the womb will come a quiet existence, filled with simple human joys;
  2. Dream interpretation of Tsvetkov. This commentary is about aggressive pregnant cats that symbolize enemies, preparing to strike soon. If a pregnant cat feeds milk to kittens, then a dream can portend an early illness. A defeated animal in dreams is a good sign that that there is a way out of a difficult situation;
  3. Miller’s Dream Book. According to the works of the famous American psychologist G.H. Miller, pregnant cat in a dream announces the imminent break with the current partner and the emergence of a new the chosen one. If you dream of a cat who cannot give birth kittens, so soon there will be trouble at work. See animal on his bed – to goodness and prosperity, on a sunny lawn – to great news from friends and family. If in a dream appear immediately a few cats in the demolition, you should expect passionate, but short relationship with a pleasant person of the opposite gender
  4. Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus. According to the French astrologer, then to see a pregnant cat in a dream is a bad sign. It means that intrigues are woven behind a person, and loved ones, perhaps even family members; Nostradamus
  5. Dream Interpretation Mengetti. Therapist-Italian A. Mengetti believed that a pregnant cat symbolizes in fact enslavement sleeping by some unpleasant and domineering person, able to walk along heads for their own benefit. If a cat with cubs in the stomach dream of a young guy, which means that soon he will meet his soulmate, who will be much older. Besides the chosen one will rule in the family, considering herself smarter and wiser young husband;
  6. Dream Interpretation Lunar. If a pregnant cat dreams of a girl, do not tied up by family ties, then this is for the soon meeting of my betrothed and the birth of children from him. To a married lady a cat in position (or feeding newborn kittens) promises successful purchases and cash profit;
  7. Dream book of Loff. Therapist and Baptist minister church D. Loff from the USA believes that dreams about pregnant cats whose white coat, do not promise anything pleasant. So white pregnant cat – a symbol of deception, intrigue, involvement in an unpleasant and bad story;
  8. Dream Interpretation Gypsy. In the old days, romale believed that black pregnant cat acting as a young girl promises that fast meeting and loving relationship with interesting but hard-hearted chosen one. If purr with kittens in the stomach behaves aggressively (scratched), then the union with the young man does not will be long and happy;
  9. Dream Interpretation Hasse. In the writings of a female medium from Poland it says that a pregnant cat with a red coat, who dreamed a girl promises a catch from a close friend or relative. If a the animal dreamed of a man, he will meet in the way of the deceitful a person hiding hatred under the guise of virtue. By the way the compiler of the dream book believed that it is worth paying attention to the date, when the animal dreamed. So, according to Madame Hasse, on 1 numbers dream prophetic dreams, and 2 – meaningless, and so on;
  10. Dream Book of Wangi. Famous Bulgarian soothsayer believed that a pregnant cat dreams of trouble. If by the plot of the dream, the animal begins to give birth to kittens, then this is also a sign unkind: soon there will be an unexpected break in relations with a loved one by man.

So, as many as 10 interpreters of dreams gave us different results. Which of the dream books to believe? On this the question is not a definite answer. One thing is clear: after such a dream worth a guard. Indeed, in most dream books a cat is a symbol negative. Still, you should not panic, because our dreams far from always come true! In addition, a cat preparing soon the future to become a mother, and may dream after worrying about pet (if the pet, for example, is sick or waiting kids in reality, etc.). Then it’s not worth looking at all deep meaning in a dream.

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