What cats think – how to understand a cat and make it happy?

Cats are the most popular pets that are ahead even dogs. There are many reasons why cats become great pets for owners of all kinds ages and walks of life. Cats have reality that offer everyone. Despite the fact that cats form durable relations with their owners, by their nature they are very independent and independent creatures, and live mostly on their own conditions. Most of us probably know at least one cat who was a beloved and even adored pet in his home, but still left it, finding an alternative power source and entertainment.

What cats think - how to understand a cat and make it happy?

One of the things that make cats attractive is their aura of mystery, and the fact that we can never to find out what is really going on in their minds. In order to keep cats happy, develop their sense of security and well-being, it’s important not only to understand their body language, but also to think like a cat to look at the world through the eyes of your pet.

So, let’s try to look at the world through the eyes of a cat and we will find out how and what our pets think.


Cats can come home and leave on their own scheduled, but they can be very finicky if external the factors in their life that you provided them are not consistent and not constant. Cats love to understand that the place and time of food Constantly, that this procedure is carried out regularly, every day. Cats do not like everything that changes their routine, in this way they understand their world. Events such as moving to a new home, visiting a nursery or leaving a stranger when you leave for rest, or a change of people who live with you, can lead to a global cat world coup, which could be the reason stress.

Try not to change the environment and equipment in your home. too often. Keep bowls, toys, and your cat’s favorite chair unchanged. If you need to change something in the house, then your it will take a cat time to get used to it. You can make this transition easier for cats by using old and new things together until your pet recognizes the change.


Cats are territorial animals that can roam on quite large distances. Your cat when grounded in one or another area, first outlines the boundaries of the territory, and then, rather total will adhere to these boundaries. How far do cats roam depends on a number of factors, including other cats, who live in the area, access to the street and green fences, as well as from any natural boundaries, for example, gardens in which dogs are kept, or busy roads.

The territory of your cat, of course, should cover your home and garden, and, since you cannot avoid the changes taking place beyond outside the home, you must do everything to protect integrity of your own home. Do not let dogs visit the nearest to the house territory, if you do not know that your cat is familiar with them. Avoid encouraging other cats to stay away from you. garden, and if you receive visitors at home, then make sure what they know about your cat’s privacy.


Each cat has its own unique character, but owners like usually don’t think about it. Shy and humble, or responsive and friendly, or maybe annoying with new people, all this It is important to consider and reckon with your cat’s personality.

If your cat is nervous in the company of people, then do not try introduce it to all your guests or pay too much to it attention. Make sure your cat can interact with guests on his own terms and will be able to leave if he wants to. Exactly also, if you know something is bothering or annoying the cat, then don’t do it! If your cat needs a vacation or personal space, then give it to her, even if you or guests want play with her.

Most cats are very affectionate (on their own conditions!), are strongly attached to their owners, and require attention and regular petting. Make sure you meet all your needs. your cat for that matter and that she feels loved and desired.


Cats are nature hunters and can spend a lot. time (between sleep periods) to hunt for local rodents! Despite the fact that cats skillfully find entertainment for themselves, it’s important provide some additional incentives so they can find several things and play with them inside or outside the house. Scratching points and places for high-altitude activity, a wide range interactive toys and other things that will please the hunter cat instinct – all this will help keep your cat healthy and active.

Think like a cat

And finally, it’s important to remember that your pet is a cat, not human. She thinks like a cat, sees and interprets your actions and surrounding objects through the eyes of a cat. For example, you can think that the fireworks are beautiful and interesting, but your cat is quite may be scared by flashing and loud pops that their accompany. It is important to consider your interaction with the cat and what happens around, it’s through your pet’s eyes, especially if something is changing.

This will help you gain a deeper understanding of your personality. cats, that which she loves and does not love, and that which suits her and can make your cat really happy and pleased and felt safe.

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