What breed of dogs in the movie “Sweet November”

“Sweet November” is a famous film directed by Pat O’Connor, tells the story of a typical American’s love for the terminally ill a girl who is well known to all fans of melodramas. But, except for heroes played by handsome Keanu Reeves and the brilliant Charlize Theron, the audience remembered another character – a cute dog, which a man presented to his beloved as a gift. Many movie fans immediately began to look for the answer to the question, which breed of dogs in the movie “Sweet November”.

The breed of dog that was involved in the filming of the film, called griffon.


In the story, Nelson, the main character of the picture, presented his sweetheart sarah puppy.


The girl called him Verdell and quickly made friends with him.


Griffon – small breed (height 24–28 cm, weight 3.5–6 kg), bred in Belgium, which has several varieties.

Griffon dog

Brussels Griffon – red, with stiff hair.

Brussels Griffon

Belgian has a darker color and long coat.

Belgian Griffon

Petit Brabancon is also a griffon, but he has wool smooth, and beard and mustache are absent.

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Dogs of the breed Pt. Brabancon

Griffins are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world.

Dog from the movie

Used as a small guard dog or companion. The character is calm, friendly and completely non-aggressive.

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The dog feels great in the company of children and other domestic animals and always happy to make new friends.

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Sad Griffon

By the way, the Brussels griffin can be seen not only in melodrama “Sweet November”, but also in the romantic comedy “Better not happens “, and a couple of him on the set were Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt.

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