What breed of dog is Valery Syutkin

Fans have always been interested to know which breed of dog lives in the house of Valery Syutkin. This fluffy miracle is called Juliet.

The dog of the Bichon Frize breed was acquired by the wife of the singer Viola. All members families were fascinated by a touching fluffy lump. Valery admitted that before that he did not perceive small dogs, because He used to have a Doberman named Corsa. But Juliet immediately won the singer’s heart. He believes that reincarnation exists in The new pet has all the character traits of the old dog.

Valery Syutkin with a dogBichon Frize of SyutkinSyutkin's dog

The dog is distinguished by innate intelligence and feeling. self worth. He is very neat, doesn’t chew anything and Don’t spoil the apartment.

Juliet at the tableBichon Frize dogBichon Frize in the window

In the singer’s family, the dog is called an “Intourist”. She loves to ride in transport. I visited the Baltic, and it turned out to be an excellent swimmer. She really likes to dive and run along the beach.

Syutkin in a car with a dogBichon Frize in the forestDog with a stick

The Bichon Frize breed has almost no hair climbing, but they are required often bathe. The singer’s doggie is already used to water procedures and is waiting for them with pleasure.

Juliet in the bathroom

Juliet feels like the mistress of the house. Loves to wallow. on a cozy bed. I am glad to the guests, but meets them selectively. TO someone who does not like her will not do.

Bichon Frize on the bedBichon Frize in clothes

A faithful girlfriend accompanies the owners everywhere: for a walk in park, in the forest, on the sea, in the city. She has an account on Instagram, where is the photo with funny captions on behalf of herself Juliet.

Juliet Syutkina for a walkSyutkin with JulietBichon Frize with tongueSyutkin with a dog for a walk

Valery Syutkin in an interview with the program “Pravda 24” said since he himself is the Dog according to the horoscope, then live without these four-legged can not. And Juliet with her presence raises mood helps to relax from everyday worries and prepare for the tour.

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