What breed of dog is Ida Galich

Ida Galich – a famous blogger from Moscow, a former participant of KVN, YouTube star with 2.5 million subscribers. She was spotted on the show. Comedy Battle, and on federal television as a co-host. Fans are happy to follow the personal life of the star, many of which the question is what breed of dog is Ida Galich.

Ida was born in 1990. The exact place of birth is unknown: data cardinally vary from Germany to Vladikavkaz. However, Galich herself considers her hometown To Moscow.

From the first year of RSTEU, the girl began to take part in the games KVN, which was the impetus for the development of her acting career.

Galich is currently a popular Instagram blogger. short funny video sketches, mostly dedicated to the relationship between boys and girls.

Ida Galich, her friend and dogIda Galich and her friend with a dog

In his free time, the star of KVN likes to walk, meet with family and friends, as well as playing with pets, among which the cat Sam and black are known for (although rather dark gray) French Bulldog.

Funny dog very rarely appears in Ida’s photos social networks or in her videos. But some images still managed to get a pet.

The Dog of Ida GalichIda's friend with a dog

The name of the bulldog is Giovanni, and can only guess like a dog French breed got the Italian name. Inconsistency, however cool!

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