What a cat at Borodina

What breed of cat now lives with Ksenia Borodina, they know almost all fans who follow the work of this Russian TV presenter, actress and DJ. Ksenia often enough uploads a photo of his favorite on Instagram.

Cat Ksenia Borodina

Initially, Ksenia intended to buy a cat that would was a representative of the breed from the famous cat food ad. However, after she met the Scottish Straight breed with rare color “silver chinchilla”, a decision was made to get just such a pet.

What breed of cat is BorodinaDaughter Borodina with a catDaughter Borodina hugs a cat

The family of the TV presenter brought a beautiful cat at the request of a small daughter of Xenia.

Borodina's catBorodina's cat in her armsThe daughter of Ksenia Borodina holds a cat in her arms

In many photographs appeared in the house of Borodina for seven years back the pet plays with its little mistress.

Borodina's cat and her daughterBorodina plays with her cat

The lop-eared Scot got the name Shanti, has a very playful character, peaceful and calm disposition.

Borodina hugs his cat

The TV presenter is very fond of her pet, so affectionately signs pictures with him “my doctor Shan” or jokingly calls him “Shanti Borodin.”

A cat named Shanti is a very bright purebred representative Scottish Straight. He appeared in the house of Ksenia Borodina many years ago and still pleases the whole family, as well as its already grown Marusya presence and good natured disposition.

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