West Highland Terrier (Alpine Terrier)

West Highland White Terrier, Westie

West Highland Terrier (West Highland Terrier) West Highland White Terrier, Westie

Breed characteristics

  • Popularity: 8
  • Training: 5
  • Size: 2
  • Mind: 5
  • Security: 10
  • Relations with children: 9
  • Dexterity: 6
  • Shedding: 1


West Highland Terrier is usually called Vesti. They were bred in Scotland in the mid-19th century to control a population of foxes, otters and other animals and rodents. Now they, in first of all, pleasant companions.


Small in size, slender, muscular dog. Head wide, black nose. The eyes are medium sized, round and dark. The ears small, pointed and raised. The tail is short and pointed on the end. The hair on the face gives a shaggy look and from this muzzle is large round in appearance. The color is pure white.

  • West Highland Terrier may have the features of a terrier. He will dig and bark. But with proper training, he may not be trained to do this.
  • West Highland Terrier can get used to cats, but cannot adapt to small pets like rabbits and birds, because of his strong prey instinct.
  • They are usually easy to train if done. in a positive and consistent manner. Keep in mind that West Highland Terrier has a strong will and great self-esteem that may cause some learning difficulties if training getting boring or too harsh.
  • His coat requires regular cleaning. The dog rarely sheds.
  • Although he does not require as much exercise as other breeds, he needs one or two daily walks.
  • West Highland Terrier is a social dog that gets along well with by all. He loves children of any age, but he is better suited for houses with older children.
  • If you are a fastidious gardener, West Highland Terrier is not yours the best choice, as it can dig plants and just be too optimistic helping you in the garden.



West Highland Terrier is hardy and compact, energetic and good adapted. They are one of the most popular breeds. They are smart and usually display good manners. Playful, but can to be calm and decisive.


Lead energetic and courageous. They are dedicated to the family, but not love to hug. West Highland Terriers – Good Watchmen dogs that will bark warning of danger. News is a wonderful family favorite and prefers to be the only home animals in the house. They get along with children over ten, who behave well with them. They can be demanding and persistent, and show the true features of a terrier. West highland Terrier is a social, fun breed that is best with an active and attentive family.


West Highland Terrier is a fun, playful dog that can’t be let him do what he wants. Training must be solid consistent, well balanced without being sharp or heavy. Vesti loves to play with the ball, run and dig, because its high level of activity.

A haircut

West Highland Terrier wool requires regular cleaning and care. A haircut is needed about twice a year, but most dog owners are not worried about this. Cropping usually required on the legs and around the ears and eyes. A dog sheds very rarely.


West Highland Terrier – a dog that adapts to the proposed living conditions – in the yard or apartment, the main thing is that there was an active host nearby. He needs socialization, training and training.

Common diseases

West Highland Terriers are prone to such diseases:

  • craniomandibular osteopathy;
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes disease;
  • cataract;
  • pulmonary fibrosis;
  • dislocation of the patella.


In the past, the West Highland Terrier was used to hunt rabbits, foxes and as a watchman at home, today is used more in as a companion dog.

Breed Information

A country Scotland
Life span 12-16 years old
Height Males: 34-41 cm Bitches: 34-41 cm
Weight Males: 7-10 kg Bitches: 7-10 kg
Long wool short
Colour white
Group hunting, guard, decorative
Price 600 – 2000 $

Breed photo

West Highland Terrier (Highland Terrier) - photo

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