Welsh terrier (Welsh Terrier)

Welsh Terrier, Welshie, WT

Welsh Terrier (Welsh Terrier) Welsh Terrier, Welshie, WT

Breed characteristics

  • Popularity: 4
  • Training: 5
  • Size: 2
  • Mind: 7
  • Security: 9
  • Relations with children: 10
  • Dexterity: 7
  • Shedding: 1


One of the oldest pure breeds in England, the breed is one from the first terriers. The Welsh Terrier breed was bred in Wales. After many crosses with a sinewy fox terrier were obtained terriers. Recently, they have spread widely.


A small, reliable, sturdy, square-looking dog. Head flat and rectangular, the nose is black. Eyes are small deep set, widely spaced, dark brown. Ears have V-shaped, small and with sharp ends. The tail is short. The color is black and red. He has long hair on his face, forming a mustache and a beard. It resembles a miniature Airedale.

  • Welsh Terrier can live in apartments if upkeep carried out correctly, but better for him – a house with a fenced territory.
  • Welsh terrier requires a lot of care. They need brushing on a regular basis.
  • It can be difficult for the Welsh Terrier to train and they require consistent and fun learning. For this reason they not recommended for inexperienced owners.
  • The Welsh Terrier loves children.
  • They like to be at their best and therefore try to climb tables and other tall furniture.
  • Like many terriers, the Welsh terrier has a strong instinct booty.
  • Welsh terrier can be aggressive towards others dogs, therefore, it is necessary to properly socialize it with very young age.
  • The Welsh Terrier loves to bark and dig. These are common features of all. terriers.



The Welsh Terrier is a fun, smart dog who loves to have fun. is he energetic and has a playful character. Faithful and devoted to his family.


It is smart, bright, cheerful, courageous, persistent, alert and active dog. The welsh terrier has a typical terrier temperament. IN good hands, he is happy, lively and rarely shy or timid. He is generally friendly with people and dogs, but, when a call is received, it will not back down. He is affectionate and loyal. to his master and careful around strangers. Loves children. This the breed must always be properly socialized in early age.


Some say this is the easiest-trained breed. terriers because of his intelligence, his ability to understand what it is required. However, training should be consistent. and diverse enough to keep the dog interested. With proper training, the Welsh terriers are very good at obedience and agility.

A haircut

The coat of this dog should be trimmed 2-3 times a year and brush weekly.


The welsh terrier can adapt to life in the open air, during backyard, as well as living in an apartment, but should be able to daily walks and active games. It requires communication and learning.

Common diseases

The Welsh Terrier may be susceptible to these diseases:

  • allergy;
  • epilepsy;
  • glaucoma;
  • hypothyroidism.


The Welsh Terrier is an excellent fox, otter and badger hunter. is he faithful and cheerful companion.

Breed Information

A country England
Life span 12-15 years old
Height Males: 36-39 cm Bitches: 36-39 cm
Weight Males: 8-10 kg Bitches: 8-10 kg
Long wool average
Colour black and red
Group for children, hunting
Price 400 – 800 $

Breed photo

Welsh terrier - photo

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