Welsh Corgi dog breed – strong, smart, energetic friend

Welsh Corgi is a stocky, cheerful, tireless dog. Dogs of this breed are big workers, they are always on the alert


Origin: England

Class: FCI classification –1group (shepherd dogs, shepherd dogs)

Usage: companion dog, shepherd and cattle dog

Color: red-white, tricolor, brindle, black and white

Sizes: growth at the withers: 25-30 centimeters; weight: 10-15 kilograms

Life span: 12-15 years

A Welsh Corgi dog makes everyone smile, who sees her.

Expression of cheerful goodwill on a pretty fox muzzle, shiny coat of bright, elegant color and readiness in even the most serious bribe at any moment people.

Short-legged shepherd dog: strong, strong, compact, with powerful jaws and boundless optimism – this is a portrait of a true welsh Corgi.

Welsh Corgi is an intelligent dog, which, at the same time, has a rare sense of humor for pets

Welsh Corgi is an intelligent dog, which, at the same time, has a rare sense of humor for pets


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  • 2 Character
  • 3 Application
  • 4 How to choose a dog
  • 5 Care features
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    • 5.2 Walk
    • 5.3 Nutrition
  • 6 Health
    • 6.1 characteristic diseases
    • 6.2 Vaccinations
  • 7 Knitting

Breed history

The ancestors of the Welsh Corgi are the ancient Icelandic dogs, which are considered extinct, but they fell into the UK by sea, on the ships of Swedish merchants.

According to another version, the Celts used these shepherd dogs to protect against attack by attackers.

In England, this breed was widespread in eighteenth century when animal husbandry was widespread common.

The shepherd qualities of squat shepherd dogs were so good that dogs could be alone, without the help of a person, managing a herd of cows or geese.

In shepherding, they can compare with Hovawarts, Groenendals and even Komondora.

For the unintentional murder of a welsh corgi, a fine of ox or even the death penalty.

Later, in the twentieth century, the breed’s popularity was promoted the patronage of the royal family where the welsh corgi are considered family dog.

Welsh Korgs space is simply necessary, because they need enough physical activity

Welsh Corgi space is simply necessary, because they need in sufficient amount of physical activity


Inside the breed there is a division into two lines: welsh corgi pembroke and cardigan, named after the provinces in which they have been bred.

In addition to external differences, representatives of each line differ and character.

Larger, massive cardigans have serious character, more sedate and reasonable than sensitive, lively pembrokes.

But despite this difference, both pembrokes and cardigans invariably are funny, smart, contact animals.

It is difficult to find a dog that is more suitable for homestay than welsh corgi.

These animals are able to adapt to any conditions, they they feel equally great in a huge country house and in as apartment dogs.

Sociable and cheerful, Corgis adore children and love everyone, without exception, animals living with them on the same living space.

Also, they are very amenable to training.

Interesting! Dog Intelligence Breeds Welsh Corgi are so tall that they can learn a new team the first time, and the ability to learn is manifested literally from the second month of the baby’s life.

Welsh Corgi - ideal companions: obedient, patient, affectionate

Welsh Corgi are ideal companions: obedient, patient, affectionate

Outstanding Corgi Mental Ability and Feeling the mood of people around them makes dogs of this breed unobtrusive and delicate.

The pet will not annoyly demand the continuation of the noisy game, if the owner is tired and does not offer his communication to the person, indifferent to him.

Welsh Corgi can get along with all the household members in the family, they touching and cute take care of small children and make up company in noisy games for older children.

The breed standard states that Welsh Corgi have a sense of humor – this is true, and many representatives of this breed deliberately cause laughter in the owner with their tricks.

Some dogs intentionally pose in front of strangers on street, “smiling broadly” at the same time and making the most good-natured kind to deserve a portion of tenderness.

Important! With all its charm, welsh corgi Are shepherd dogs, and they have some obstinacy, and can also ignore abuse and shouts.

Almost all representatives of this breed love to eat, in due to which it is difficult to wean them to pick up food on the street.

Corgi bark infrequently, their voice is quite loud, many dogs adore howling like a husky and Wolfhounds.


Welsh Corgi is currently most commonly used as companion dog that is able to participate in all enterprises the owner.

Sports, Agility and multi-kilometer runs – all this is fun and hardy Corgi.

Despite being short like a sheltie or dachshunds, paws, they are able to run very fast, and not get tired during long runs.

Welsh Corgi is a very active dog that loves long walks and energetic games.

Welsh Corgi is a very active dog that loves long-term walks and energetic games

The use of welsh corgi cardigan is not limited to status pets, dogs of this breed successfully graze cattle and help to farmers.

The protective qualities of cardigans are more pronounced than those of Pembrokes, but a full-fledged defender of the home and the owner representatives this breed are not.

Corgis are able to master any specialty that does not require aggression.

They make magnificent search dogs, rescuers, they work in rehabilitation centers for the disabled and homes the elderly.

How to choose a dog

Potential owner should know that welsh corgi puppies pembroke or cardigan, grow up much faster than their peers other breeds.

A two-month-old baby requires a lot of attention and patience, otherwise bad habits acquired in childhood will remain for life.

Important! Choosing a puppy, you must follow rule: when mating, the female is always inferior to the male in the exterior, therefore, to buy a high-breed dog, you must carefully get acquainted with the achievements of the puppy mother.

Welsh Corgi are very playful: they can play with each other and with the owners

Welsh Corgi are very playful: they can play with each other and with the owners

Of course, it is advisable to take a baby in a nursery that has good reputation, so there’s less risk that the puppy will suffer from any congenital disease.

The baby should have a normal, scissor bite, clear, dark, clean eyes.

The hair is shiny, not curly or fluffy, the tail may be short (docked), long or not to be at all.

Important! Long tail should not rise above the back line!

In males, by the age of two months, the testicles are lowered into the scrotum, absence one or both testicles is unacceptable.

The behavior of the little Welsh Corgi should be moderately lively, they very curious, sociable and lively.

Shyness, aggression or sheer cowardice are unacceptable.

Good breeders begin to socialize puppies early, accustoming them to swim and letting them play outdoors.

Care Features


Welsh Corgi Pembroke has a dense coat with a well-developed undercoat, so comb dogs of this breed should be a couple of times in Week.

During seasonal molting, which occurs in spring and autumn, Corgi molt profusely, and then to remove wool is best use a furminator (special comb).

Fuminator perfectly removes both undercoat and back coat. Cardigans have a longer coat, so they should comb several times a week.


Welsh Corgi wool should be combed twice a week and washed only as needed


Welsh Corgi are very smart, so learning to tidy You need to start immediately after acquiring a puppy.

It’s advisable not to accustom him to the diaper, but to take him outside, and do it after each feeding, sleeping and having a fun game.

Over time, the baby will get used to recover on the street and will wait walking.

Welsh Corgi requires long walks, as physical loads of dogs of this breed are needed.

It is desirable that the pet regularly had the opportunity to run harnessless, in the forest or in the field.

Professional breeders for training show dogs acquire a treadmill, but such activities should not replace a full walk.

Welsh Corgi loves fun, but at the same time, without fear and timidity, he will defend himself

Welsh Corgi is very fond of fun, but at the same time without fear and timidity will defend

Important! Jumping is contraindicated for Welsh puppies Corgi, as this creates a large load on weak ligaments spine and joints.


All Welsh Corgi are very fond of eating, tend to be full, and sometimes not picky about food.

They feel great on natural feeding, but in this in case of meat, that is, protein should be at least sixty five percent.

Puppies should be fed 5 times a day, and adult dogs – twice a day.

Carbohydrates in the form of cereals lead to excessively fast weight gain, therefore, their share in the daily diet does not exceed ten percent.

Boiled and fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as vegetable oil and supplements in the form of vitamin complexes are given to the dog daily, like dairy products.

Pure milk is given only to puppy and suckling bitches.

A sweet Welsh Korg can be kept both in apartment conditions and outside the city

Lovely Welsh Korg can be kept as in an apartment, both in the country

Many breeders use welsh corgi dry feed.

This is a good option for a fully balanced diet, but the feed must be super-premium, and must match the physical dog loads.

Low fat feeds are also available. high-protein feed for male dogs.

Important! You can not bring a pet to active a walk immediately after eating. In addition, you can not feed animal immediately after intense physical activity: before administration food should pass at least 1.5 hours.


Characteristic diseases

Welsh Corgi often suffer from hip dysplasia, it is a congenital disease that is detected through x-ray picture.

Most thoroughbred animals must pass research on dysplasia.

Weak labor in females necessitates surgical obstetrics.

Approximately half of the females whelp with Cesarean section. ”

This is due to the high weight of newborn puppies who reach 500 grams, long and narrow birth canal.

The Welsh Corgi are very obedient, loyal to their master, and therefore perfectly amenable to training

Welsh Corgi are very obedient, loyal to their master and therefore excellent at training

Eye diseases are possible, as are other cattle dogs.

Percentage of other genetic diseases such as congenital heart disease or bleeding disorder is negligible.

To exclude some congenital malformations, special tests.

In addition, Welsh Corgi can get sick:

  • Epilepsy
  • Corneal ulceration
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Obese
  • Hot spots (raw eczema)
  • Glaucoma
  • Lens dislocation (complete libo-partial displacement lens)
  • Progressive retinal atrophy, cataract


All puppies over two months old are required. vaccinated with a complex vaccine.

The vaccination is repeated after two or three weeks, the next vaccine is given at seven months, then a year.

Vaccination is repeated annually, this helps to protect the dog from most viral diseases.

Welsh Corgi get along well with other pets, if any, owners

Welsh Corgi get along well with other pets, if available to the owners

A rabies vaccine is given starting from three months, however, many breeders do not recommend doing it for up to a year, as it toxic enough.

Vaccination against pyroplasmosis is a novelty; its effect lasts no more than six months, so many dog owners prefer to purchase drops and sprays from ticks.


Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Welsh Corgi dogs knit among themselves.

Within breeds breeding is allowed among dogs of any color.

Dogs can be bred from a year and a half age, it is recommended to bitch a third estrus.

These brave little doggies are watchful and reliable watchmen.

These brave little doggies are vigilant and reliable the watchman

A knit with a male living abroad may discourage bitch owner: besides progesterone test which bitch must pass, artificial is practiced there insemination in a clinic.

Welsh Corgi dog breed – a strong, intelligent, energetic friend

A Welsh Corgi dog makes everyone smile, who sees her. Expression of cheerful goodwill on a pretty fox muzzle, shiny coat of bright, elegant color and willingness to join the game at any time, even the most serious people.

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