Wedding present: newlyweds handed over to the shelter a quarter ton of animal feed

Dasha and Sergey have been walking together for a long time – they have been for many years engaged in dancing and have already organized their team in Severomorsk “Give a dance.” When the guys decided to get married, they started a joint life with a good deed.

Inviting guests to the wedding, the newlyweds announced the unusual request: we don’t need any gifts, let’s get better food for homeless animals. So managed to collect more than 260 kilograms of quality dry feed immediately after young spouses handed over the holiday to the local shelter “Nadezhda”: his pets will have enough of this treat for almost a week.

Dog foodDaria and Sergey

The idea of a good deed was submitted by a cute dog named Caramel – two years ago Dasha took this puppy in a shelter “Hope”.

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