Video: as a cat and I caught a rat

“How the cat and I caught a rat” – a 50-second video featuring a foreigner guy, his ginger cat and rat.

The fact that actions on the video take place abroad is clear from speech guy. In the video, the guy closed in the bathroom and armed Mop trying to catch a rat. He also takes to his aid his big cat. But something went wrong. Once the guy with a mop drives the rat out of the toilet, he starts screech wildly and rush about all over the room. Cat and rat apparently frightened by this screech, they also start running in different directions, trying to find a way or shelter.

In the end, the guy runs out of the bathroom, trying to close there a cat. But the cat is faster and in the last seconds, too leaves the room after the owner. The rat remains on its own place to live.

Video: as a cat and I caught a rat

“The cat is a coward!” – Many will say with confidence. But from the video it is unclear why the pet was more frightened: a rat or a wild squeal his master.

Cat catches a rat

It is impossible to unequivocally state that the cat from the video was scared rat, therefore, did not catch her

Modern Internet space offers the user a ton information, both scientific and recreational. From watching this video you can just get a good charge mood and a few minutes of unbridled laughter.

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