Ural Cossacks went to zoodefenders

In Yekaterinburg, local Cossacks want to create a zoo and already have applied for a presidential grant.

The problem of animal abuse is becoming more and more relevant, and in the Urals, there are often cases when brothers our lesser ones are in trouble, but there is no one to help them. Ural Cossacks decided to do a real and worthy thing – to become zoodefenders.

Scared dog

They plan to create a mobile zoo police crew, which will quickly go to all signals of ill-treatment any pets. Such a team should include a lawyer, veterinarian, videographer – and, of course, the Cossacks themselves as power support. Cossacks intend to detain the flayer, and, perhaps re-educate them with your own methods.

The organization of animal protection activities, the initiators estimate at 3.6 million rubles, three of which they hope to receive presidential grant and have already filed the corresponding application. 900 more thousand Cossacks are ready to allocate from their own funds to attract to the project of volunteers from other organizations.

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