Unique Rescue Case: Whale Protected of man

It is known that whales are intelligent and peaceful animals. However recently they also proved themselves as rescuers of people.

Nan Hauser is a marine biologist and experienced diver. She dedicated life study of cetaceans, in addition, through its efforts the region The Bahamas has become a whale reserve. The whales paid back thanks to the researcher. During normal descent under water she was attacked by a male humpback whale who swam up to her so that the woman was on his head, and covering his chest fin. Nan was scared, because such behavior is uncharacteristic for these animals – they usually pass people by. Intensified the panic and what the scientist noticed in the distance the second whale, actively beating its tail on water. The behavior of the animals became clear when Nan saw tiger shark – a terrible predator of ocean waters.

The first whale tried to close the diver in the way that animals usually protect the cubs. The second at the same time scared away shark. Through their efforts, Nan safely returned aboard research boat. According to scientists, this is the first case of rescue by a whale of a person.

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