Unfortunate dog caught in the ocean for 135 miles offshore

An amazing story happened in the Gulf of Thailand over 135 miles (217 kilometers) from land. Workers of a floating drilling rig they caught a completely exhausted dog from the waves.

Surely it will remain unknown how this unfortunate turned out a dog so far from the coast – he would hardly have managed on his own swim that distance. In any case, he was fabulously lucky: one of the workers, Hon Vitisak, accidentally glancing overboard, noticed a dog floating to the tower with all her might.

A marathon swimmer was caught from the water, and after a while the dog already able to eat and drink. For two days, the drillers took care of rescued dog, and then passed it to vets with a passing by ship. Hon Vitisak wants to take the “godson” for himself – if his real master cannot be found.

Hon Vitisak with a rescued dog

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