Two humps plus one – you get one and a half

Kazakh breeders have successfully completed an experiment on breeding a new type of camel. They crossed for this two-humped Bactrian camel and one-humped dromedary.

A hybrid animal combines the best qualities of parents: Bactrian endurance and milk dromedary milkiness. Kazakhstan is very love shubat – a tasty and healthy drink made from camel milk, therefore, animal dairy production is especially important here.

An important achievement of breeders is that received hybrids are able to give offspring. Biologists see their the task of stabilizing a new breed: today there are more thirty pedigree types. They consider it preferable. hybrids with one hump but two ridges.

Two camels

Such hybrids are not purely modern know-how, they were common in the Kazakh steppes in the pre-revolutionary period, but disappeared in the process of active collectivization. Such animals are Kazakhs called “camel Nar.”

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