Turkmen Alabai (photo): Fierce guard, reliable defender

Turkmen alabay


Origin: Medium Asia

Classification FCI: Group 2. Pinschers, schnauzers, molossians, mountain and Swiss cattle dogs. Section 2.2. Molossoid dogs and mountain dogs without workers tests.

Usage: Grazing, territory protection, human protection

Color: Dog coat can have a different color. There are representatives of black breed without marks, white and brindle colors

Sizes: Height – bitches not lower 62 cm., Males not lower than 65 cm. Weight – 45 – 80 kg.

Lifespan: 12 – 14 years old.

Turkmen alabay – a powerful dog that impresses a small bear. This is a strong dog, distrustful of a stranger.

The Turkmen Shepherd, like the giant Kangal, widely used to protect livestock from attack by wild animals. No wonder the representatives of the breed are called wolfhounds.

Turkmen alabay

Alabai appeared 4000 years ago. This is one of the oldest breeds preserved to this day


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  • 2 Psychology
  • 3 Application
  • 4 How to choose a dog
  • 5 Care features
  • 6 combing
  • 7 Walk
  • 8 Power
  • 9 Health
  • 10 characteristic diseases
  • 11 Vaccinations
  • 12 Knit

Breed history

Turkmen wolfhound – one of the oldest breeds preserved still. Its history goes back more than 4000 years. For sure It is not known how the breed appeared.

The progenitor of the Turkmen Alabai is considered to be Tibetan mastiff. According to legend, the ancestors of the dog first appeared in China, then came to Mongolia and only after this ended up in Central Asia.

Crossing with local breeds, the Tibetan mastiff began gradually acquire features of the Turkmen shepherd.

The first mention of the Turkmen alaba as a separate breed date back to the 11th century. The breed began to develop in 1935. In that during the period the cynologists became interested in animals and began to work on improving his qualities.

The specialists were successful, but the event was stopped because the war has begun.

In the period of confrontation, dogs were used. There was even open nursery for the needs of the NKVD. Wolfhounds used for protection prisoners and prevent escape attempts.

Soon the war ended, but it took away a lot of human and canine lives. The breed was on the verge of death.

However, scientists and enthusiasts helped save the breed. After the end of the war, many expeditions were sent to Asia.

Their main goal was to find as many survivors as possible representatives of the breed. Searches were successful. In a few years, the number of dogs has been restored.

Turkmen alabay

Turkmen Shepherd is patient. But you should not make her angry


Turkmen alabay – a true watchman whom you don’t annoy worth it. If you piss him off, then the animal turns into a fierce wild beast, ready to the last battle with the offender.

There is a misconception that alabay is fighting dog, along with Tosa Inu iamstaffom. This is not so – Alabai is guard dog, although he knows how to fend for himself.

The huge growth and heavy weight make the wolfhound serious the adversary. For this reason, keeping a dog in an apartment is not worth it.

Turkmen wolfhound is a strong and independent dog. By this reason, raising an animal from childhood should be a priority direction of training.

Representatives of the breed can get along with other animals. They are Neutral to other pets. But if the animals get angry him, the wolfhound will not remain in debt.

Along with ferocity and independence, these animals have a whole range of positive features. To them relate:

  • Equilibrium. Despite the inherent ferocity, usually Alabai are very calm. They do not run into conflict. If he still happens, then the culprit is for sure opponent.
  • Sustainable psyche. Like bullmastiff, an animal able to endure the harassment of another beast for a long time before pissed off.
  • Confidence. Turkmen alabay knows that he is strong. He is not doubts his abilities and knows that he is able to fight back in any minute. For this reason, he is in no hurry to get into a fight and upset your opponent.
  • Devotion. If an animal recognizes a person as a master, then it will be treat him sensitively and reverently.

Despite the inherent devotion, the representative of the breed is always strives to become a leader. Once in a new family and realizing who is here the main, grown alabai will seek to occupy a leadership position.

The man must immediately show the dog her place. Then claim the dog’s leadership will disappear.

Due to excessive independence and natural dominance, representatives of the breed are not suitable for weak people. Animal content can become life threatening to such a host.

Turkmen alabay

Alabai are neutral to other animals. Dog in the photo not against the company at all

Advice! The dog is very calm. She is a long time able to tolerate children’s games, if the owner has them. but a person must strictly forbid babies to bully or annoy animal. Leaving small children alone with a dog is not follows.


Turkmen Alabai is a great defender and watchman. He will it is reverent to guard the territory entrusted to him from any encroachment. The dog will not miss strangers.

In the possession of a giant is better not to enter without the permission of the owner. Representatives of the breed equally well guard large objects and small private farms – their security qualities are comparable to Moscow Watchdog.

If the dog recognized the person as a leader, then he will protect him from any encroachment of enemies. Wolfhound will not allow his master harmed.

Turkmen alabay

Little teddy bears will soon turn into real strong bears

How to choose a dog

It is best to buy a Turkmen Alabai puppy in the kennel. it will save the future owner from acquiring a cross. At the time of purchase should pay attention to:

  • The appearance of the animal. Puppies should be well fed and active. The chosen baby should not refuse food.
  • Health status. Before buying, you should touch your nose baby. It should be cold and wet. Healthy puppies have clean, clear eyes.
  • The condition of the place of detention. If puppies live in a dirty, an uncleaned aviary, you probably have health problems. From buying such a dog is better to refuse.
  • The behavior of the baby. Active, sociable kid more suitable for a family in which there are small children. Wary a suspicious alien puppy is best taken for protection object.
  • The appearance of the mother. The bitch should have no health problems and to be active. Her inspection will help to get an idea about the future. the appearance of the puppy. To finally verify compliance exterior breed standards, you can ask the owner of the photo father of puppies.

Before buying, you should ask about the availability of documents. Breeder must pass them after acquiring a dog.

Turkmen alabay

The place where the dogs live must be clean, and the puppies themselves – well maintained

Turkmen alabai puppies for sale from 15 to 100,000 rubles. Value subject to availability documents, parental achievements and matching exterior breed standard.

Care Features

Caring for Alabai is not very difficult. It does not need to be washed often and comb out. However, the owner must provide the pet with physical loads that can keep him in shape all the time. If they absent, the animal may start to feel sad or even become embittered.

Advice! Care should not only consist in maintaining a neat appearance, but also in taking care of health. By For this reason, it is necessary to monitor not only the condition of the coat, but and behind the ears of the Alabaev. Dogs are susceptible to disease. ears.


Alabai has a thick and short coat. Usually does not roll down, and warlocks are not formed. To maintain a neat appearance animal, one combing per week is enough. After walks, it is required to choose small debris, branches from the animal’s hair and burrs.

Turkmen alabay

Alabai giant looks more like a bear

However, during molting, the amount of combing should be significantly increase. Alabai sheds abundantly during this period a furminator is used. For 1 period enough wool to knit a warm sweater for an adult person. Many housewives really let the pet’s hair in a business.

Advice! To accustom the animal to combing should since childhood. If you postpone lessons for later, an attempt at grooming may cause protest from the animal.


Turkmen alabai needs daily physical activity. The animal is not suitable for keeping in an apartment. But even life under open air and the ability to freely walk around the yard does not compensate dog need to walk. The owner must devote daily not less than 2 hours for walks with a pet.

Turkmen alabay

A dog always doesn’t mind playing with its owner

Advice! Pastime with a dog is possible to diversify. Optional follow all the way step. You can go for a run with alabai, play ball, combine a walk with the study of new elements of training.

You can’t let the dog go for a walk alone. Protecting the territory Alabai can be dangerous to outsiders. In addition, representatives breeds are prone to vagrancy. Letting the dog go free swimming, the owner risks losing it.

It’s worth keeping a pet around using a special harness for dogs.


Both puppies and adult dogs tend to be overweight. For this reason, Care should be taken to monitor the nutrition of the breed.

Turkmen alabay

Turkmen alabai easily tolerate any weather conditions

Advice! Calorie intake should be calculated and frequency of feed. Give alabai food should be no more than 3 times a day.

In the diet of the animal should be:

  • Meat. Dogs can be given chicken, beef or veal. Bones worth excluding.
  • Porridge. For cooking, alabai is best used buckwheat or oatmeal.
  • Soups Must be cooked in meat broth.
  • Milk products. Alabai can be given cottage cheese.
  • The eggs.

Food should be given according to the feeding schedule, but water should always be freely available. Alabai drinks a lot.

You can also give high quality dry food, but in moderation, alternate them with the usual eater.


Turkmen alabay is a strong and hardy animal. It is capable It is easy to tolerate both heat and cold. However, even these giants need in periodic examinations by a specialist.

Vaccinations must be done on time to avoid health problems.

Turkmen alabay

To start taking care of the health of the Turkmen wolfhound should be childhood

Characteristic diseases

The health of the pet must be monitored carefully. Wolfhound often suffers from diseases of the ears, so the ears of the animal periodically need to be cleaned.

Among the Alabais there are many allergy sufferers. Finding the slightest signs manifestations of the disease, the owner must immediately take the pet to to the doctor.


Begin to vaccinate a dog should be in puppyhood. Vaccination able to prevent the underlying diseases to which it is exposed animal.

Alabaev vaccinations are carried out according to the schedule:

  • 2 months. Puppies are vaccinated against plague, enteritis, hepatitis, parainfluenza, leptospirosis;
  • 3 months. The first vaccination is repeated;
  • 6 months. Rabies vaccination. Should be repeated once every year;
  • 7 months. The first vaccination is repeated;
  • 12 months. The first vaccination is repeated. Should repeat once a year.

If vaccination against the disease is first performed, the animal should be quarantined for 14 days. During this period, the body dogs manage to develop antibodies that can withstand the virus against which the vaccination was given.

Advice! After vaccination, may temporarily worsen the general condition of the animal. If the next day the pet is not feeling better, you should immediately contact to the vet.

Turkmen alabay

Alabai are ready to walk for hours, but not letting them go alone should


Alabai are very prolific animals. One litter usually happens at least 7-8 puppies. For this reason, special care should be taken. attention to maternal health. She must be able to endure and raise so many cubs.

The first knit is best organized after 2-3 estrus. By this period, the bitch has time to finally to form. Pregnancy will not threaten her health. Dog able to bear healthy, strong puppies.

A male should be selected no less than 2 years old. By this time the animal has time to finally form. The owner of the bitch can evaluate its exterior and get an idea of ​​what puppies will have an appearance and character.

It is better to mate in the territory of the dog. Here he will Feel calmer and begin to act more actively.

Turkmen Alabai: Fierce guard, reliable defender

Turkmen alabai is a reliable guard dog territory and protect the house from the attacks of ill-wishers. Dog loves the owner and is sensitive to his protection, but respect Shepherd dogs must first be earned by proving their right to leadership.

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