Traveling with pets: how to survive in car trip

It’s time for summer holidays! For most of us, this phrase is a real sigh of relief, but for those who have homework animals, any vacation asks a whole range of questions and problems: Can I take my pet with me? How to get with him to vacation spots? Below you will find some of the options that help you make the trip with your pet easy and fun for both of you.

Traveling with pets: how to survive in car trip

The first thing you need to make sure is the availability of a suitable carrying for the animal in which you can transport your pet. There are a number of options, for example, big strong plastic boxes that provide stability when you will be in motion, or softer boxes that can be to fold. Padded carry often have removable padded upholstery, which is suitable for transportation, including a sick animal. It is recommended to purchase a carrier a few days before departure, so your pet will have enough time to get used to her. In order to give your pet the opportunity to get used to carrying, you can start at very small intervals, literally 1-2 minutes, and each time give him praise and goodies.

For some people, the idea is to keep the pet in a carry or some box is not suitable. But for traveling to car, there are other options. For example, you can purchase special car belts that provide an alternative way to hold the pet, without overly limiting it of freedom. If you choose this option, then you should also purchase a blanket or car seat cover to protect it from dirt and wool that your pet can bring with by myself.

In car…

It’s much easier to manage that pet that’s comfortable than when he is uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the temperature in the car is suitable for your pet that he has suitable food and water and that he has an occupation that can distract him all the way. Maybe it’s for you a fan that your animal will appreciate. But, if the pet is harnessed, the fan will be redundant and unsafe, since the pet may accidentally injure itself if it is to too close to him. An alternative may be a small a hole in the car window that will keep the animal fresh air during the trip, as protruding from the window – not best idea for that. This hole can also be useful, when you leave your pet in a parked car.

In terms of recovery, the most important thing is the right food and water bottle for your pet. If your pet usually takes “wet” food, then you may you should convince him to take a “dry” food, as it is much easier to remove. Many animals eat and drink much less when they are in unusual circumstances – but, it’s still important that you gave them the opportunity to eat.

Vacation Stops

Another important thing is that you provide your the pet has enough stops to relax throughout travel is certainly important for your pet as well and for the upholstery of your car! After you stop try to find some open space to give stretch your pet’s legs. If at some points you can’t to stop, then you should buy some “wipes for animals, “with which you can wipe and clean any The mess is quick and easy.

Not arrived yet?

So, although your pet will not be able to express his boredom, but pets, like children, easily get bored. Long the trip may be too hard for them, so a good idea will take some of your pet’s favorite toys. Make sure that there are several toys, as he can break some of them – and remember, your pet will not be able to concentrate on this for a long time! Your the pet may also be somewhat worried when it will be to be in an unfamiliar environment for a long time, so, again, you should use his favorite toys and / or blanket, which can play the role of a comforter.

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