Traffickers refuseniks: Omsk massively surrender to rare turtles zoo

In the Children’s Ecological and Biological Center of Omsk celebrate an alarming trend: locals are increasingly giving back eared ears here turtles. There are so many reptiles that the zoo will soon be gone will be able to accept them.

As it turned out, tiny turtles are now and then sold on the streets of the city. Charming live “buttons” attract attention of passers-by, they are being bought, but soon they will be disappointed in their pets.

Unscrupulous sellers promise that the turtles will remain babies, and impose a package of “special” food, but later it turns out that animals get sick from such a diet. And also kids grow up unexpectedly quickly.

Turtle in the hands

The Red-eared (aka yellow-bellied) tortoise is rather large reptile, with a shell diameter of about 20 centimeters, Predator, requires balanced diet; can behave aggressively.

Deceived in expectations, the owners are trying to attach somewhere “rubella”, many carry them to the zoo – and he, as they say, non-rubber.

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