Tourists captured the fight of leopards with fatal

In Africa, tourists from the Kruger National Park have become witnesses of a fierce fight between two predators. As a result of the battle for territory one young individual died.

The video was published on the YouTube channel Kruger Sightings.

According to one of the tourists who filmed what is happening, dust clubs and they noticed sand from afar. Riding closer, they saw such a picture: two leopards figure out the attitude and fight for territory.

Rain Jenkins, the author of the video, first suggested that predators are so are playing. They aggressively bit and attacked each other. But later it became clear that this is not a game, but a real fight, which is sure to end badly for one of participants.

The video shows that one individual is older and larger in size other. Apparently, the young male decided to claim the territory adult male, but not calculated strength.

At the end of the battle, an adult leopard pawed his rival, because of which he broke his neck. The deadly fight lasted 25 minutes.

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