Top 10 most popular cat breeds

Cat lovers can name millions of reasons why they like these or other breeds of these wonderful animals. Exactly so we decided to carefully study the statistics in order to understand which breeds of cats are the most popular on today in the world.

Siamese cat

SiameseSiamese cat has beautiful blue eyes, therefore, it is not surprising that this breed is recognized the most popular in 2015. But this cat is especially popular because of his sociability. The animal is ready all day and night is with their master and do not leave him a single step. Other than that, cats very curious, which also positively affects their popularity.

Persian cat

PersianGlamorous Persian took second place in popularity in the world – and not in vain. He is gentle, quiet and extravagant, and indeed – look at his charming face! Lush fur of a cat requires careful care, but it’s worth it.

Maine Coon

Maine CoonMaine Coon ranks third in our ranking. This cat is a real gentle giant that gets along well with everyone – even with dogs! The animal is large enough and can weigh from 4 up to 8 kilograms.


RagdollNumber four is the Ragdoll cat. Rather of all, you will fall in love with this cat’s charming heavenly eyes with at a glance. Mild disposition and friendliness make this breed a real favorite of many families.

Bengal cat

Bengal catSmart, active, independent, real athletes are all about bengal cats. These are just a few. characteristics of this cat, which is in fifth place of our rating. Despite a certain persistent character, Bengal cats are quite accommodating, easy to train a leash.

Himalayan cat

Himalayan catHimalayan cat breed is one of Persian options. It was bred by crossing cats. Persian and Siamese breeds, but some consider this breed as an independent. Cats have a meek temper of a Persian cat and Siamese curiosity.

American shorthair cat

American Shorthair CatAmerican shorthair the cat is a purebred version of the domestic shorthair cat and ranks seventh in the popularity ranking. Cats of this breed calm and tolerant, playful and active. They love society and get along well even with strangers.


ManxThis breed is very famous because of its features – lack of tail. Cats are smart, despite their sports warehouse, they are distinguished by tenderness and playfulness. Such a cat never refuses to play with a ball or just purr to his master. This breed is also distinguished by the fact that some cats can give all their attention is only to one person, while others – will show their love and affection towards all family members.

Russian blue cat

Russian blue catRussian blue cats are quiet and obedient. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that these cats possess almost all the character traits of cats described above. True, they are less demanding than many other breeds. Owners of this breeds will confidently say that their pet is affectionate and beloved family member.


SphinxOur list is completed by a rather amazing breed – sphinx. A distinctive feature of cats is a special short coat, similar to suede. Such cats are distinguished by their curiosity and playfulness. The Sphinx is a true actor, thirsting for applause. is he loves attention to himself. If you exercise enough attention and love, then your pet will become a real friend to you.

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