TOP 10 most clean animals in the world

Cleanliness is a subjective criterion when it comes to beasts. However, according to various criteria, one can determine which of them is not wants to live in the mud. Let’s find out who in the animal world is neat.


  • 1 flies
  • 2 Ants
  • 3 Japanese macaques
  • 4 foxes
  • 5 Badger
  • 6 Nutria
  • 7 Rats
  • 8 cats
  • 9 horses
  • 10 pigs


Some scientists consider a fly to be the cleanest animal in the world. the world. If you look closely at the insect, you will notice how it washing up. Flies spend most of their time doing this, when they don’t fly.

the fly washes

Despite being clean, flies can carry dangerous infections

Since the insect has no eyelids, it is necessary to wash dirt and dust with eye paws, this explains the desire for cleanliness. Speed washing the flies is very large – about 100 times per minute.


In anthills there are special garbage detachments that utilize the waste of relatives, transferring dirt to special chambers, isolated from the rest of the space. In addition, these ants disinfect the house with formic acid.

ants by the water

Each colony of ants has its own smell, so they easily recognize strangers

Japanese macaque

Among the wild mammals, the cleanest are Japanese macaques. At least some zoologists think so. These monkeys be sure to wash fruits before eating and are crazy about water procedures.

Japanese macaques

Scientists believe that Japanese macaques bathe in the winter in hot sources not only to keep warm, but also to get rid of stress

These macaques spend almost all their free time in hot sources where they bathe and brush each other’s wool.


Foxes go to the toilet in the same place, and away from entrance to your home. The animal does not tolerate dirt on a fur coat, because combs it with friction on the bark of trees and washes in ponds.

a fox

The tail of the fox helps the animal balance while running and communicate with relatives


Badger is a very neat little animal. He takes the dirt away from of his house, often changes the litter in the hole. Toilet badgers too make outside the home, tearing out a special hole for this.


You can come across the opinion that the cleanest animal is just badger


Nutria wash food before eating it, and eat very neatly. If the animal is kept in captivity, he definitely needs tank with clean water – the animal loves to swim.


Nutria, unlike other fur animals, have almost no specific smell


Rats are very fond of cleanliness and pay great attention to personal hygiene. The animals wash themselves for several hours a day, besides afraid of water and swim well.


Rats are very clean animals and in swimming without extreme no need


Domestic cats are so clean that about 30 percent devote time to caring for themselves, carefully licking the hair. Parents also brush their kittens.

cat washes

If the cat stops washing, something is wrong with her – healthy the animal devotes a lot of time to personal care

This behavior is also characteristic of wild feline. The fact is that purity helps animals to hunt, because the smell of a washed predator it’s harder to smell. In addition, the antennae of the cat must not be glued from the remnants of food, because with these organs the animal perceives the world.


Horses do not like dirt so much that they will not drink muddy water, and unwashed feeders are squeamish. In this case, the animal is capable of long and calmly transfer water procedures and combing

horse in water

The most clean breed of horses is considered Akhalteke


A pig is considered the embodiment of untidiness, but it is unfair opinion. Ordinary domestic pigs try to make a toilet away from places where they eat and sleep. And in the mud pigs are not lying around untidiness, and to get rid of skin parasites. Wherein animals willingly bathe in clean water, if provided with such opportunity.

the pig washes

Pigs have no sweat glands, the only way to cool them is lie in cool water

It is interesting that wild boars also manifest themselves as cleanlings. Swiss biologists in the course of experiments found that animals wash in water fruits and roots. Even the laziest individuals did this before eating, however, using his own saliva.

Despite a less developed mind than humans, animals also strive to be clean. This is probably an instinct laid by nature, because cleanliness is the key to health.

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