Top 10 animals that women fear

Fear is a natural mechanism that protects us from danger. Some scientists believe that fear is fixed in people genetically as the experience of their ancestors. No wonder many women only one kind of snake causes goosebumps, although a chance run into it is minimal. And which animals are in the lead? female phobias? Let’s find out.


  • 1 helminths
  • 2 Wasps and bees
  • 3 Worms and insect larvae
  • 4 Spiders
  • 5 bats
  • 6 snakes
  • 7 Rats and mice
  • 8 ants
  • 9 Frogs and toads
  • 10 Cockroaches


Parasites cause not only fear, but also disgust. A similar reaction is due to nature: it contributes to developing avoidance behavior. This is one way. stay healthy. Worms fear not only women, but also men, however, the latter express it not so brightly. Scientists explain this by the fact that physiologically, women are more worried about health and safety, since the state depends on it their children.

Pumpkin seeds

Dried pumpkin seeds contain cucurbitins, which act as an anthelmintic

Wasps and bees

The fear of bees and wasps is quite explainable: even one bite may end fatally. And even with the attack of an entire hive will have to any. According to American studies, wasps take 4 place among the most terrible animals. Them even men are afraid, they just usually hide it. In addition, many of them fear not just one single insect, but a whole hive.


The anatomical features of the wasps allow them to engage in battle and defeat even those insects that are larger than them in size

Worms and Insect Larvae

In this case, fear and hostility are more associated with similarities to helminths, but some insects can actually pose a danger. For example, gadflies and flies are capable of lay eggs directly on the human body. However, this rarely happens. Among men, fear of larvae and worms less common because they fear less helminths, and are guided by more rational considerations.


The longest annelid worm ever discovered is a 6.7 meter long specimen found in South Africa


Spiders take first place in the ranking of fear, and in disgust rating. Everyone is afraid of them: both women and men. Scientists connect this with instincts and an unusual body structure. Such a strong reaction from people allows to avoid danger and poisoning.


Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias in humans.

The bats

In nature, there are more than 1000 species of bats. Of only 3 species of them feed on blood, but we most often bats perceived as vampires and mandatory attributes of films horrors. This is partly an exaggerated phobia, to which we involuntarily accustomed to world culture, but reason to fear there are still bloodsuckers. They are able to tolerate diseases.


Some people have bats as pets


Snakes are another record holder. In the ranking of fear they take second place. It’s easy to explain: in many ways snakes resemble spiders. They are small, hard to spot They move silently and are able to climb into any gap. Bite them just as dangerous and can become fatal. No wonder that men are also afraid of snakes.

Rough Wood Viper

Ribbed scales help tree vipers cling to bark and branches

Rats and mice

Rats and mice often cause fear in women. This is due to the fact that rodents are able to tolerate diseases. In addition, an aggressive large flock really capable of injuring, but such incidents happen rarely.


Rats can be ticklish and laugh when they are tickle


Ants are insects, which in itself explains the cause of fear and disgust. In addition, they bite painfully and can also attack together. In some species of ants, the poison is more toxic than in bees. and wasps. They are also capable of causing domestic inconvenience.


Ants descended from creatures similar to wasps, around 110–130 million years ago; they lived side by side with dinosaurs but not became extinct, unlike these giants

Frogs and toads

Although there are poisonous species of frogs, fear does not cause likelihood of poisoning. Subconsciously, many women associate frogs with the environment in which the latter live. This is usually a dirty pond or swamp. Though yourself frogs are clean and can even die due to a dirty home, we often perceive them as a source of infection. Men are to amphibians at times calmer.


Frog eyes are very strange: they live independent life apart and can simultaneously look at different the parties


Cockroaches are able to carry bacteria, spores fungi, larvae of helminths and other pathogens diseases. They move very quickly, but because pathogens can easily get to the dining table or even to the food. Men also do not like cockroaches, but solve the problem more often It’s just the stronger sex that’s why the false impression that only women are afraid.


Cockroaches can bite people

Most of the animals in the rating really represent danger, although relatively rare. In fear of they are not shameful: this is the right reaction. Not afraid only women, but also men, just the last not so emotional and less likely to demonstrate this.

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