Time to smoke aquarium fish

A popular gourami aquarium fish native to Southeast Asia – here she lives in flooded rice fields and grows to giant sizes. Locals say it’s very tasty fish, especially smoked.

Every aquarist knows: the larger the aquarium, the larger it is. become fish. Well-known by gourami, for example, in a spacious capacities can grow up to almost half a meter. But in the natural environment habitats come across real monsters of this species.

The head of a gourami

Gourami served in Asian restaurants with sweet and sour sauce or grilled

Fortunately, gourami are herbivorous fish and attack humans, walking through rice fields, they are unlikely to become. Residents of Indonesia and Malaysia call them water boars and are readily eaten. Smoked gourami are especially good – knowledgeable people claim that they even tastier than bream cooked in a similar way.

Gourami in the basin

Gourami cooks simply: first they salt, then they dry and smoked

I wonder how local gourmets consume such fish: “dry” or still a beer?

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