Thunderstorm: seagulls are dangerous for air ships

Recently, bird and flying collisions have become more frequent. apparatuses. It became known which birds can be considered thunderstorm aircraft.

According to Sergei Ryzhov, a specialist in aviation ornithology, in Russia, seagulls are the most dangerous for aircraft. It’s connected with widespread species in the country. Besides, birds move and forage for colonies, because of this they harder to maneuver and deviate from course when meeting with by air.


If a bird and a plane collide at a speed of 690 kilometers per hour, the strike will be 3 times more powerful than a 30 mm shot shell

An ornithologist noted that gulls become the cause of a collision in 30–35% of cases. Most of them occur in the summer, as in during this period there are many young birds in flocks that are not very good at flying and Oriented in space.

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