Three-color kitty drove the mistress on wood

Sitting on a tree, a frightened girl called the rescue service and asked her to help. Ufa rescuers have never received such a call.

The story, as it turned out, began trivially: a pet cat climbed a tall tree. Desiring to save his tricolor darling, after her a young woman began to climb a tree girl. But I couldn’t catch up with the cat – it quickly climbed everything Higher and higher; soon the mistress realized that to go down on her own no longer able to.

Fortunately, the girl had a mobile phone with her and she I was able to call rescuers. Those already had to shoot cats with trees, but so that for the company with the mistress – this was first.

First emergency staff using a retractable the ladder and climbing equipment were rescued by the applicant, and her cat was also evacuated.

Girl with a Cat

Rescuers advised the girl to better follow the nimble cat

Video: the epic of the two “climbers” ended successfully

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